Imitone for iOS Please! ;u;

This is a quick and possibly messy post. I wanted to write this because I think a blog post is the best way to do it.

There’s a program out there called Imitone. It’s purpose is to translate your singing voice into MIDI notes. This app is supposed to be for iOS but right now there is a PC and Mac version only.

I like this app because I’m unable to learn real instruments and I really want to make music for my books and favorite series. I’m not on my computer often either because it’s slow. If Imitone were to come to iOS I could use it on my iPad.

Also with iOS’s “open in” feature and the Documents app, I could export and import MIDIs I make with Imitone.

To the developer of Imitone, please consider an iOS port. I know it’s hard and it’s also what you initially planned. There are a lot of people that want it and I’m sure they’ll buy it.

(Also something unrelated,Apple please allow us to edit MIDI notes of imported sounds in GarageBand .n.)


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