I See You! (First poem of the Four Eyes Mafia)

Eyes are the window to the soul

and apparently when you wear glasses, your soul comes out in magic
My name is Shiro

I think it’s Japanese for “white”

My mom made me get glasses because I couldn’t see

Ever since then I could use a variety of magic spells!
Every morning when the mailman came he had to run super fast before I get outside to greet him. I may have…burned him a couple of times by accident.

But laser eyes isn’t all I can do! I can hover and make things fly! It makes my head hurt but it sure is a neat trick.

My glasses are the only reason I can do this. They’re special. The doctor said I can command my world with these.

If I can do that,

can I do anything?


Author Notes: #foureyesmafia! This story-poem is something I’ve had in the works for ages. Four Eyes Mafia was a thing I made up in 2014. The book’s premise is magical glasses. Expect a full release of the poetry chapbook soon! :3

I drew that dragon art the other night. It’s a chibi Ashuton! ^.^


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