How hard is it to create After Effects, Paint Tool SAI/CSP and MMD alternatives for iOS? My Plea to Developers.

Prepare yourself for another post about why I think MMD and After Effects alternatives are possible on the iPad Pro.

I know we won’t get the actual apps themselves anytime soon but I think we can get alternatives that might be even better. These alternatives are touch based; made for the iPad and Apple Pencil.

I’ve seen some people raise complaints about apps that were not optimized for Surface’s screen and the icons were tiny. This is where apps designed for iPad can (and have, actually) excel!

I know you have to code things for iOS’s environment and get it approved by Apple but don’t you think it’s worth it?

I know where to find examples if you’re not convinced! Look around on artists blogs, YouTube (ehhh maybe not there…) and DeviantArt. For many artists, the iPad’s apps have replaced theirs. Artists like DrawnbyKat use MediBang and Astropad with CSP. A guy on YouTube shows you how to draw realistic fire in Procreate! Now with Affinity Photo, people who depend on Photoshop are closer to that PS replacement (AF please add support for GIF creation pls pls PLEASE ;-;)

‘and for god’s sake stop calling the iPad a sketchbook. You can very well switch PSDs to different apps like Pixelmator for finishing certain things. With the Documents app by Readdle—and soon iOS’s Files app—makes this doable.

After Effects on iPad: It Can be Done!

Back to the main topic, I want to see a video editor similar to After Effects for iPad. Right now the closest thing is LumaFusion but it doesn’t have masking for video clips, motion graphics/overlay effects/side by side or whatever-effect like the ones in Peonatt’s videos nor does it have easy ease/graph editor for smoothing everything. I’ve been told they plan to add masking for video clips this summer. When they finally add it I’ll definitely be buying it.

Still, it’s no After Effects yet. Isn’t there someone out there who can assist LunaFusion or make a motion graphic NLE (non linear editor [that’s what AE is]) for the iPad Pro?

Also keep in mind not everyone edits with 4K video. As an anime video editor, I just want smooth Effects, 1080p and 60fps output. iMovie export that. I’m sure a Pro video editor can too.

MMD / MikuMikuDance

Onto the second request, this one might be harder. MikuMikuDance, the anime app that runs on DirectX and the Bullet Physics Library. There’s already a similar MMD-like app balled Bot 3D. There is also MMD Player. However, these are not MMD alternatives.

MMD player does not support effects, has only two shaders and does not support animating. That’s …discouraging.

Someone can make an MMD alternative instead of a direct port of the program. The creator of MikuMikuMoving said it is hard to translate DirectX to iOS. My suggestion is…why not make an entirely new MMD made just for iOS? I’m sure there are some open source libraries and physics engines you can use. MMD player uses some!

As for shader Effects, those are controlled by the interface in regular MMD and are contained in the accessory file (.fx or .x). It could be possible to use Raycast shader but honestly it may be better to create a different version of Raycast made for MMD iPad. Maybe.

The New 10.9 iPad’s Refresh Rate

Lots of news is going on about the new iPad’s Pro Motion (I don’t know if there is a new 12.9 with this). They say there’s more 30% more CPU and GPU speed. Apple once said their graphics are “console class.” That doesn’t mean it can run console games. It just means it is capable of intense 3D. This is something that will be an advantage to MMD developers.


I sent a message to the CSP creators/Celsys and they said they will consider an iOS port. I contacted SAI’s creator. No response yet.

What SAI has over a lot of art programs is it’s “smart blending,” the separate Lumi/Shade and Lumi & Shade layers and brushes. I love creating line art in the app. I love using Tearzah’s brush in it. I tried recreating her brush in other art programs but none can replicate it (this brush). What I would like to see is SAI ported over with its same brush ability/customization and blending.

As for CSP, it would be nice to use its cloud brushes and have the same brush customization. Right now there’s MediBang which is an alternative but it’s not as nice/feature-rich with brushes as SAI and CSP. Everything else about it is great!

I know a lot of coding goes into making these apps but never say never! And don’t let “but iOS has no file management!1!1!1!!!1!1” (most people who don’t know anything about tech or are misinformed say “file system.”) be an excuse. iOS lets you import between apps using external services like the cloud or the app Documents by Readdle. Right now importing isn’t ideal but with iOS 11, we are steadily moving away from importing and can open files as they are.

The iPad is changing. It is no longer the toy many people claim it to be. It never was a toy or “just a sketchbook” to begin with. Hook up a keyboard to it (not the ones made by Apple, instead use a keyboard with angles) and you’ve got yourself a faux basic laptop.

Apple is not the ones being left behind. It is the developers. As I always say, Apple gives us the hardware. It’s up to developers to utilize it.

Please send messages to the creator of SAI and CSP. As for MMD, I hope a developer capable of 3D sees this.

(I was in a rush to create this. I didn’t get to proofread it. Happy flash fiction day!)


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