Monster Girl (National Flash Fiction Day 2017)

“State your name for the press, please.”
“I can’t hear ya, hon.”
“Yumi Joyce–I mean–Yumi Takahashi.”

The lady glanced from her screen. She had to do a double take! This girl….SHES A MONSTER!

Six arms, three glowing eyes on the sides of her face and her entire body was covered in black goo. The only redeeming feature was her nervous smile and timid stance. She held her bag in front of her, eyes locked on the secretary’s computer screen.

“uhhhh….” the secretary slowly lifts a hand, gesturing at the door that lead backstage, “your place is back there with the other actors.”
She couldn’t wipe her doe-eyed expression off her face. The girl—or monster if you prefer, nodded and left without another word.

She was used to it but being around people still made her nervous.
When the girl was gone, the secretary fell back into her seat as she blew a sigh.
“Anomalies. Ugh.”

Sorry this is unpolished! I was in a rush to get this out minutes before National Flash Fiction Day was over!! >.<

The girl plans to be an actress! But can a goo monster make it in the acting world when others are repulsed by her? Will she get the role she wants or get the role she hates? She doesn’t want to be a monster villain!!!

I am planning a cute sequel to this! Stay tuned!

(C) 2017 by me! Featured image is Monstrum Brute by Daytum!


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