Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

I remembered this Tumblr post that said “writing for yourself is bad advice and we write so others enjoy what we create” or something like that. I actually think both are true. In my journey of writing I realized something. The saying “write for yourself” is true BUT you must also write for others to enjoy your work like you do. Let me explain:

Its always fun to write for yourself. Sharing your work and finding people who share the same love for it as you do is amazing. While writing for yourself, you must also write for them. Write for yourself like as if you are the reader. Thus, the fans who have taken an interest will love it as long as you stay true to your vision. That, my friends, is how you write for them.

That’s my two cents on the matter. I wonder if anyone else agrees…

also, happy National Flash Fiction Day.



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