Dear Apple: Bring Back Game Center for iOS Gaming

I have another Dear apple post. Don’t worry I’ll post more short stories soon. Today’s post is about Game Center!!

Everyone says the iPad Pro is more powerful than the Nintendo Switch (aside from cooling). That’s nice and all but one thing Nintendo—and even Steam, PSN and Xbox have over Apple is the social gaming aspect.

I enjoyed Game Center because it was like a small version of Steam. It made me feel more connected to my games. It made Continue reading “Dear Apple: Bring Back Game Center for iOS Gaming”

Dear Apple: Bring Back Game Center for iOS Gaming

Dear Apple: STOP Requiring Touch Controls for Games

One thing I want from iPad that I’ve seen on Nintendo Switch is more AAA games. That won’t happen unless people stop being cheapasses and pay the required price for games. Another reason why it won’t happen is Apple requires touch controls. This hampers good games from coming to iOS.

Apple, please make it a requirement for games to have controller support and Bluetooth keyboard support instead. If people try to download an MFI-only game, they’ll be greeted with the prompt “this game requires a Bluetooth controller.”

When I played with the Nintendo Switch it felt like an immersive experience that shouldn’t exist. Many developers are jumping on the Switch wagon. I’m glad to see that. I’d also love to see them develop for the iPad Pro but nope. Apple’s requirements and cheap ‘causal gamers’ prevent it from happening.

It’s a shame.

People, pay up for iPad games like you do for console games and Apple, please loosen your requirements. Please.

Also to the developer of HuniePop and Hotline Miami, PLEASE CONSIDER AN IPAD PRO PORT WITH CONTROLLER SUPPORT.

Dear Apple: STOP Requiring Touch Controls for Games

Monster Girl (National Flash Fiction Day 2017)

“State your name for the press, please.”
“I can’t hear ya, hon.”
“Yumi Joyce–I mean–Yumi Takahashi.”

The lady glanced from her screen. She had to do a double take! This girl….SHES A MONSTER! Continue reading “Monster Girl (National Flash Fiction Day 2017)”

Monster Girl (National Flash Fiction Day 2017)

Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

I remembered this Tumblr post that said “writing for yourself is bad advice and we write so others enjoy what we create” or something like that. I actually think both are true. In my journey of writing I realized something. The saying “write for yourself” is true BUT you must also write for others to enjoy your work like you do. Let me explain: Continue reading “Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?”

Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

How hard is it to create After Effects, Paint Tool SAI/CSP and MMD alternatives for iOS? My Plea to Developers.

Prepare yourself for another post about why I think MMD and After Effects alternatives are possible on the iPad Pro.

I know we won’t get the actual apps themselves anytime soon but I think we can get alternatives that might be even better. These alternatives are touch based; made for the iPad and Apple Pencil. Continue reading “How hard is it to create After Effects, Paint Tool SAI/CSP and MMD alternatives for iOS? My Plea to Developers.”

How hard is it to create After Effects, Paint Tool SAI/CSP and MMD alternatives for iOS? My Plea to Developers.

I See You! (First poem of the Four Eyes Mafia)

Eyes are the window to the soul

and apparently when you wear glasses, your soul comes out in magic
My name is Shiro

I think it’s Japanese for “white”

My mom made me get glasses because I couldn’t see

Ever since then I could use a variety of magic spells!
Every morning when the mailman came he had to run super fast before I get outside to greet him. I may have…burned him a couple of times by accident.

But laser eyes isn’t all I can do! I can hover and make things fly! It makes my head hurt but it sure is a neat trick.

My glasses are the only reason I can do this. They’re special. The doctor said I can command my world with these.

If I can do that,

can I do anything?


Author Notes: #foureyesmafia! This story-poem is something I’ve had in the works for ages. Four Eyes Mafia was a thing I made up in 2014. The book’s premise is magical glasses. Expect a full release of the poetry chapbook soon! :3

I drew that dragon art the other night. It’s a chibi Ashuton! ^.^

I See You! (First poem of the Four Eyes Mafia)

MikuMikuDance (MMD) and PMX Editor on iPad Pro/iOS iPhone? YES PLEASE

I’ve Been playing around in MMD Player and once again I have come to realize the iPad Pro has the potential of a full MacBook Pro or video editing Dell laptop (or desktop for that matter). Take any iPad Pro and load a big stage like Neo Venezia or TOS Beach and a TDA Miku model. Add your own motions and start recording. You’ll see no lag. At all.

MMD Player runs so magnificently that I started to wonder: why is there no full MMD app on iPad? Specifically the iPad Pro? With apps like LumaFusion, that CAD creator and MMD Player proving that the iPad Pro is fully capable of handling 3D much better than my old ACER computer (and even my mom’s slow intel-celeron Dell laptop). It’s all up to the developers to create these tools for us. Heck I even think Paint Tool SAI 1 & 2 could work with no lag on the iPad Pro.

Maybe even Blender or Source Film Maker (that’s a bit of a stretch….)

The point of this post is a request: will some developer out there please please PLEASE port MikuMikuDance, its features in MMM (MikuMikuMoving) and PMX Editor to iPad Pro?

EDIT: thanks WordPress for messing up my post -_-

Right now MMD Player can only play back motions. The fact that it can import models and make videos is a huge step forward. You can’t pose or make animations or import x files. It can’t use effects either. This needs to change.

Everyone please send messages to the creators of MMD, MMM and PMX Editor and ask for this. The iPad Pro is a capable device. Raise a voice on social media! #MMDonIPad!

Here is the email for MMD Player’s creator: and

MMD Creator’s website:

MMM Creator’s website:

Please guys. Let’s make this happen. Let Crestra know you want this. MMD Player hasn’t been updated in a year but….something could happen!


Pic info:

Pose: Alice-hato

Model: Append Miku edit by TOUKO

Stage: Neo-Venezia

Do not post without my permission.

MikuMikuDance (MMD) and PMX Editor on iPad Pro/iOS iPhone? YES PLEASE

Imitone for iOS Please! ;u;

This is a quick and possibly messy post. I wanted to write this because I think a blog post is the best way to do it.

There’s a program out there called Imitone. It’s purpose is to translate your singing voice into MIDI notes. This app is supposed to be for iOS but right now there is a PC and Mac version only.

I like this app because I’m unable to learn real instruments and I really want to make music for my books and favorite series. I’m not on my computer often either because it’s slow. If Imitone were to come to iOS I could use it on my iPad.

Also with iOS’s “open in” feature and the Documents app, I could export and import MIDIs I make with Imitone.

To the developer of Imitone, please consider an iOS port. I know it’s hard and it’s also what you initially planned. There are a lot of people that want it and I’m sure they’ll buy it.

(Also something unrelated,Apple please allow us to edit MIDI notes of imported sounds in GarageBand .n.)

Imitone for iOS Please! ;u;

The Switch: Taking My Fiction to a Self Hosted Blog

HEY YOU Guuuuyyyyyyyyys! This month has been a load of emotions for me. Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC V JUST ended and I’m (as the little-little kids say it these days) shook. That anime is what I’ve been invested in for the past three years. The show and it’s characters helped me while I was away from TSODR.

Continue reading “The Switch: Taking My Fiction to a Self Hosted Blog”

The Switch: Taking My Fiction to a Self Hosted Blog

World of Winx: That New Winx Club Show I Totally Forgot About

My old post about loving the new Winx Club still stands today. We won’t be getting the old charm back anytime soon but this new stuff is great! It’s not so bad.

I totally forgot that I can review stuff here and now that I can I am giving my first impressions of World of Winx. I loved what I saw. I really did. It’s different. Continue reading “World of Winx: That New Winx Club Show I Totally Forgot About”

World of Winx: That New Winx Club Show I Totally Forgot About

Why I like the New Winx Club (A Comparison and a Review)

I should really paste this here….

Star Point Mansion

At first I hated the new Winx Club. I’m a veteran Winx-fan, I’ve seen all the episodes in the series (except the Darkness Bloom saga), watched all the movies on YouTube, brought one of the toys, and I know all about the series’ lore. When I heard they were bringing it back I said, “I thought it wasn’t cancelled.”

After doing a bit of Googling I heard of the series special and that they were bingin in people from iCarly. iCARLY! I hate that damn show with a burning passion of a meteorite. Then I heard Keke Palmer would be joining the cast. Nickelodeon was too lazy to rehire the old voice actors, so they ruin my childhood dream with new ones from shows I detest.

So the series special crammed the first season into four specials, excluded my favorite two songs “We Are the Winx” and “It Feels Like…

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Why I like the New Winx Club (A Comparison and a Review)

Where is WordPress’s Anime Fandom?

As I lay here listening to Le Realè’s 1080p I wonder, “where is WordPress’s anime fandom?”

Experiencing the draining social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr has exposed me to fandoms (and their toxicity). I wonder, why doesn’t WordPress have an anime fandom? If it does, where is it?

I know people post in the anime tag but it seems tumblr gets more of the anime junkies. I know it’s probably because of how easy it is to blog there. It’s a micro-blogging platform. People are lazy. Tumblr’s quick-posting feels suitable anyway. It’s minimal and just…BARE.

One thing I don’t like about tumblr  (and Twitter) is how toxic it is and that the site keeps what you make unlike other sites. At least when you delete a post on Instagram it’s inaccessible to you and the general public.

I love WordPress because I have more freedom and it’s actually made for blogging. There’s no toxicity. Because of the aesthetic/atmosphere of its post editor, WordPress also forces you to churn out something quality rather than shitpost.

What I miss from tumblr is the community it had. Aka People that interact with you on your post. For whatever reason I don’t get comments from people wanting to interact with me or talk about my posts (I can’t wait for that day). I attribute that to WordPress’s unattractive comment box.

That’s why I like Instagram so much: interaction. Sadly I haven’t tried this with my OCs. Only in the anime community.

I’m just waiting for the day WordPress gets a proper anime community that is something besides reviews.

Will WordPress ever have this or will the dreaded social media take it and wear it like a crown?


Mood: disappointed

Music: 1080p by Le Realè

Where is WordPress’s Anime Fandom?

My Thoughts On: WikiLeaks CIA Spying

I don’t care. Here’s why:

The CIA is trying to find terrorists. Are they selling our info to advertisers like search engines do? Nope.

Everyone worries too much. I can understand your frustration but stay positive and direct that frustration towards something constructive.

I would rather have them watching than some strange stalker-person with ill intentions.

Now if the government were doing something destructive that takes lives then I’d worry about them spying.

(You can also…not put all your important stuff on a smartphone and put tape over your web cameras)


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Also I don’t know who to credit the picture to. I found it on Google 😓

My Thoughts On: WikiLeaks CIA Spying

A Flash Fiction a Day #5: President Ficus and the Downward Spiral

You are a president of your own land
You raise the taxes
You destroy private schools and put everyone in public school
At lunch you hold a meeting with congress

“I’m taking over this game!”

Continue reading “A Flash Fiction a Day #5: President Ficus and the Downward Spiral”

A Flash Fiction a Day #5: President Ficus and the Downward Spiral

Back again lmao

Ok so……my mental state has been strange. I don’t know how to explain it yet. I’m coming back to this blog again but this time I’m just going to post a lot of stories here in hopes that I regain my readership and that people will donate to support me.

I need to reorganize this blog -.-

Let the ride begin (again)

Back again lmao