Race and The Case of Disappearing Again

Over the past few months I’ve been sharing art on Instagram, drafting a few posts to share here and reminding myself why I love WordPress: it is decentralized. It is not the same as Twitter or Facebook. My blog is here, it’s mine and I can link you to it. You can jump to any of my posts, search this blog, see its archives and categories (and its way safer than tumblr).

Other sites? Sure I can link you to my account but you have to scroll through a myriad of posts. Also there’s just something about a blog that feels right and owned by you. Do people even blog anymore??

Another thing I’ve been uncovering are things about the African race that you Continue reading


Game Center Suggestions (iOS) – Playtime

My first post in three months and what is it about again?

Mobile gaming.

iOS has so much untapped potential. Especially on the gaming side. With news of Apple trying to focus on gaming with Apple TV I rather they commit to making iOS gaming better, first. I also hope “free premium games” don’t become the norm cause there’s no way to backup IAP unlocks of premium games :/ (I’m looking at you, INSIDE). I’d rather have Lite versions make a return.

Anyways, this post is about Game Center. iOS 12 brings improvements to it but it still doesn’t have something that I’d love to see. I bet many iOS gamers would appreciate it. Below is my list of suggestions:

  • Game time/hours on record: this is sorely needed and would be appreciated.
  • Profile icons
  • Community section

Hours on record is probably the most important one. Game Center sorely needs it. I don’t know if anyone from Apple will see this. I just hope someone over there is smart enough to use this.

Dear Ubisoft: Put Assassin’s Creed Origins on Nintendo Switch (Plea to All Developers)

2019 update: hey so this article is old. Don’t believe all of what you read in it is still my opinion today.

Boy am I sick of lazy certain game dev practices.

Rumors (are they?) are circulating that Ubisoft won’t put Assassin’s Creed Origins on Switch. Of course they exclude the cool-looking game with the Africans -_-. All jokes aside, this is a bad move. Switch sales are climbing and will continue to do so. There are many who would love to play AC on the go. Even people who never considered playing it will play it (I’m one of those people. If it were on Switch I’d buy it. Any other system? No. I can’t sit up for 5 hours on a game anymore).

There is much appeal to the Nintendo Switch. Only a few AAA developers are doing work with game ports. Bethesda is a perfect example. They ported DOOM and it has no problems. Sure it doesn’t play at 60 FPS but honestly who gives a sh*t? We’ve made it this long with 30 FPS games. We can go a little longer. It’s all about the experience. 60 FPS is just the optional cheery on top.

If Bethesda can do it I know Ubisoft can. Don’t be lazy. There I said it. I know porting things isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. However you won’t regret it.

In fact, this message is to all devs who say “we’ll consider it” when talking about Switch: Dontnod (Life is Strange), Blizzard (Overwatch but they’re kinda justified with their reasons), Telltale, Lawbreakers developers, EA (the new Star Wars game), developers of STEEP, developers of Shadow of War, Moonomi Park (they’re also kinda justified), the creators of that South Park game, developers of The Witness, Behaviour Interactive (Dead by Daylight), developers of ARK, developers of Fortnite and PUBG, Reikon Games, Tango Gameworks (Evil Within 1 & 2), COD developers, and many others who “will consider a Switch port.” If Bethesda can do it, SO CAN YOU.

Stay tuned to this list. I’ll be adding more games and developers who keep passing up the Switch

Don’t leave The Switch List strictly to Indies, JRPGs and—ew—casual games. Not all indie games are good, you know (and this comes from someone who loves indie games—on iOS).

Update: well, I can understand now why some games might skip Switch. Code. It didn’t occur to me that code can be incompatible too. Maybe I’ll just go back to asking for iOS ports…

Screen Recording Won’t Record Certain Games (iOS 11) and Other Stupid Apple Things

No new story again but I’m writing this post as a partial story and partial journalist post. A true story.

When I tested the very first developer beta of iOS 11 I was astounded by screen recording. I could record for a long time—even a game! It was great but I downgraded the beta because of bugs. I could even record Instagram scrolling for anime roleplaying fun!

Enter iOS 11 official release.

Screen recording sucks.

“You can record anything with it!” The presses said. Continue reading

Dear Apple: Bring Back Game Center for iOS Gaming

I have another Dear apple post. Don’t worry I’ll post more short stories soon. Today’s post is about Game Center!!

Everyone says the iPad Pro is more powerful than the Nintendo Switch (aside from cooling). That’s nice and all but one thing Nintendo—and even Steam, PSN and Xbox have over Apple is the social gaming aspect.

I enjoyed Game Center because it was like a small version of Steam. It made me feel more connected to my games. It made Continue reading

How hard is it to create After Effects, Paint Tool SAI/CSP and MMD alternatives for iOS? My Plea to Developers.

Prepare yourself for another post about why I think MMD and After Effects alternatives are possible on the iPad Pro.

I know we won’t get the actual apps themselves anytime soon but I think we can get alternatives that might be even better. These alternatives are touch based; made for the iPad and Apple Pencil. Continue reading

MikuMikuDance (MMD) and PMX Editor on iPad Pro/iOS iPhone? YES PLEASE

I’ve Been playing around in MMD Player and once again I have come to realize the iPad Pro has the potential of a full MacBook Pro or video editing Dell laptop (or desktop for that matter). Take any iPad Pro and load a big stage like Neo Venezia or TOS Beach and a TDA Miku model. Add your own motions and start recording. You’ll see no lag. At all.

MMD Player runs so magnificently that I started to wonder: why is there no full MMD app on iPad? Specifically the iPad Pro? With apps like LumaFusion, that CAD creator and MMD Player proving that the iPad Pro is fully capable of handling 3D much better than my old ACER computer (and even my mom’s slow intel-celeron Dell laptop). It’s all up to the developers to create these tools for us. Heck I even think Paint Tool SAI 1 & 2 could work with no lag on the iPad Pro.

Maybe even Blender or Source Film Maker (that’s a bit of a stretch….)

The point of this post is a request: will some developer out there please please PLEASE port MikuMikuDance, its features in MMM (MikuMikuMoving) and PMX Editor to iPad Pro?

EDIT: thanks WordPress for messing up my post -_-

Right now MMD Player can only play back motions. The fact that it can import models and make videos is a huge step forward. You can’t pose or make animations or import x files. It can’t use effects either. This needs to change.

Everyone please send messages to the creators of MMD, MMM and PMX Editor and ask for this. The iPad Pro is a capable device. Raise a voice on social media! #MMDonIPad!

Here is the email for MMD Player’s creator:

support@crestra.net and contact@crestra.net

MMD Creator’s website: http://www.geocities.jp/higuchuu4/index_e.htm

MMM Creator’s website: https://sites.google.com/site/mikumikumovingeng/

Please guys. Let’s make this happen. Let Crestra know you want this. MMD Player hasn’t been updated in a year but….something could happen!


Pic info:

Pose: Alice-hato

Model: Append Miku edit by TOUKO

Stage: Neo-Venezia

Do not post without my permission.

Imitone for iOS Please! ;u;

This is a quick and possibly messy post. I wanted to write this because I think a blog post is the best way to do it.

There’s a program out there called Imitone. It’s purpose is to translate your singing voice into MIDI notes. This app is supposed to be for iOS but right now there is a PC and Mac version only.

I like this app because I’m unable to learn real instruments and I really want to make music for my books and favorite series. I’m not on my computer often either because it’s slow. If Imitone were to come to iOS I could use it on my iPad.

Also with iOS’s “open in” feature and the Documents app, I could export and import MIDIs I make with Imitone.

To the developer of Imitone, please consider an iOS port. I know it’s hard and it’s also what you initially planned. There are a lot of people that want it and I’m sure they’ll buy it.

(Also something unrelated,Apple please allow us to edit MIDI notes of imported sounds in GarageBand .n.)

The Past is Our Road to the Future

In my time on the internet I have seen many things, learned many things, made mistakes and embarrassed the f*ck out of myself without realizing it until now.

As embarrassing as my old comments, posts and the like we’re, I can’t change them. I can’t change the fact that I used my name, wrote stories that were a little messy and threw them out unto the world. I can’t change that I was protective over my favorite roleplayers/writers (maybe a little too protective). They’re just humans like I am. No matter how amazing the writing, I shouldn’t have put them on a pedestal in my head. I can’t change that now. I can’t change that I was crazy when playing Dragons of Atlantis, either.

I can’t change that I made a ton of accounts because I was scared of people attacking me online. Now I have thick skin and words will slide off because I know my worth (I hope).

All I can do is start fresh—WITH MY SAME NAME—and stop changing because of a fear sitting in the back of my head. With God on my side I shouldn’t have anything to fear. I can write my fan fiction and my actual work in peace. My internet past is with me, yes, but it is not who I am today. I didn’t do anything bad or awful, thank god. I was just messy with everything. MESSY. I cleaned up my messy profiles and stuff as best as I could. What matters now is the future, not the messy book promotions I posted or the messy bios or accidentally attaching a weird name to fan fiction.

What matters now is the future.

I’m going to be less and give more words. I will write and share more of what I want to write. Starting with my wattpad.

I’ve revamped it to prodigaldragon but I’m keeping my older stories on there. I also revamped my Twitter: @thedragonchild, instead of using a new one. I am in the process of revamping all my stories on Smashwords and putting them back out there. This includes older ones that were unpublished. After that I will head to Amazon and fix what’s broken there, too. The same for Goodreads. As for socialness, I’ll only be sticking to this blog, Twitter and maybe Facebook. Being on this blog makes it easier to socialize with fans. As you’ve already noticed I revamped this blog. It’s quite refreshing to revamp and still have a bit of my old self. Like, “hey, I came from there.” Maybe a young author in the future will be like me: messy with their online life. She or he ours learn from my experience. 

I’m glad to have you guys, my loyal followers, with me on this journey. Thank you so much for being with me! And thank you so much for not judging me!

My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

Going back to Wattpad today had the unexpected re-emergence of an old fond memory. Back when I was a budding teen author before I spent my hiatus on Instagram I was an avid user of Quotev and Wattpad. I didn’t use Quotev for long since I disliked the clunky interface but the site does have a (small) place in my heart. It introduced me to the only Internet-posted original fiction story that I’d ever read in full (or in its case, up to the chapter before it was deleted).

That story is My Bloody Little Kitty.

Fuck, even the name makes me want to read some emo stories in hopes of finding one like that.

Yes the story had problems that some stories written by teens have (like word play or in some places a dry use of words) but it flowed nicely! Flow is incredibly important and the flow and pacing of the story is what kept me hooked. There weren’t a lot of useless descriptions either. It was straight and to-the-freaking-point. It flowed well.

My problem with most books is they take their sweet-ass time on descriptions and shit (excuse my French!) but not Meghan’s story. It was to the point, descriptions were minimal but you are able to visualize things. The chapters are short too which is good for someone like me: a person who clicks out with long stuff. The whole story was amazing and lusty and, if I remember correctly, sweet.

Meghan wrote a gem.

I loved Parker, the red-head Sawyer and the green-haired Wolf. I loved Sawyer’s protective possessiveness over Parker. I love the love triangle that was being set up before our eyes and threatened to break apart the Sawyer X Parker ship.

Then, one day, the story was gone.

Gone. Deleted.

Meghan’s profile was deleted too.

I lamented and hoped Meghan would return. It’s been 3 years and she hasn’t. The story was reposted on Wattpad by someone else but only the first two chapters are there. I and (after reading the comments on Wattpad) many others want this story to return. I personally don’t care if it’s unable to be completed. Don’t stress yourself if you lost interest, Meghan. I want all 21 (or 23?) chapters and any unfinished chapters to be posted back on the internet again so I can read it and enjoy it. If you finish it that makes it even better.

Meghan, if you’re reading this, please please PLEASE bring this story back. If you’re afraid to, use a pen name and pretend you know the author! It’s better to be yourself though because your fans outnumber the haters.

If you know Meghan could you please pass this onto her? I’m praying for this story’s return. Is she well?? Is she still alive?

If you are her parents, your daughter is a wonderful writer!!

Meghan, if you’re considering turning My Bloody Little Kitty into a real book through self publishing, please don’t change it too much. Don’t add words in or do those awful long rambling descriptions that authors do. Or do what you think is right.

I know there’s a remake of this story called Cheshire. I read the first chapter and it doesn’t flow as well as Meghan’s story and it has rambling descriptions in some places. I only read (or skimmed) chapter 1 and it couldn’t hold me.

Also, It changed Parker’s name to Aiden. To me that also ruined it. Names are important. Parker sounds like a baby name; a name for someone in the process of growing up. Aiden sounds like the name of someone growing up and into themselves. That name wasn’t suitable for Parker whom is basically a baby in the story. He’s so innocent and he’s still growing up.

Lastly, the picture for him didn’t fit how he acts.

I’m sure the story has some good points, though and if you’re curious go read it. I might if I can focus my attention onto it.

I want to do my own remake of My Bloody Little Kitty. When I complete some of my writing projects I totally will. Maybe I’ll even add my own characters in place of Parker, Sawyer and Wolf so I won’t lose interest in writing it. I’m thinking Sylvio, Josh and a young version of Prince Dragon will do.

Meghan, if you’re out there, please bring your story back. There are nostalgic fans dying to read it. Even if it’s the initial 21 chapters.

Please ;-;

Over-It: Overwatch is Overstrike Reborn (Not Really but Hear Me Out)

In the world of video games, there are the companies that take risks and the companies that keep doing what they’re doing because they’re afraid to leap. There are also the companies in-between that do what they’re told or do whatever the fuck they want (excuse my French).

In the case of Insomniac, they did what they were told and it cost them (and us gamers) what could’ve been a damn good video game.



Insomniac’s Overstrike was rebranded, re-skinned and basically restructured because it was too cartoony. It was also renamed Fuse. The result we got was the somewhat terrible, military-standard game called Fuse that tried to replicate the military vibe that all other shooter games give off (like CoD, Army of Two, all those Tom Clancy games, Spec Ops: The Line etc). I haven’t played Fuse but I did enjoy the demo a little bit. I just wish it had that cartoony style. I and plenty of others were disappointed at the change. It had so much potential, cartoony or not.


OVERWATCH is cartoony as fluck. It looks like Pixar amped up its tactics and made a shooter. It has plenty of characters that are cartoony but each of them have heart and depth. You can’t simply judge them by how cartoony they look. OVERWATCH looks like what Overstrike could have been. Look at the trailer with the two boys and the characters! There’s a freaking Gorilla for god’s sake!!!!!! OVERWATCH has gained plenty of fans and people love it’s cartoony Pixar style.

Do you see this, Insomniac? You didn’t have to listen to the higher ups (or maybe you had to for legal reasons). You could have made Overstrike into the game you wanted. If it’s possible, you could still do it. At this point you could even sell the IP if you don’t want anything to do with it (which would be a shame since its your game).

This is also a lesson to all creative people. Do something you want to do. Create the way you want. If you have to “go indie” just to do that then it’s worth it. It’ll be harder to promote yourself without all that corporate money backing you but you’ll be staying true to yourself. Let the beauty of OVERWATCH and the (still possible) dream of Overstrike serve as a real life lesson.

Stay true to you.

Revamping Progress

Today I am pulling all content from the D&C document and I’m now realizing how much shit (I use that word lovingly) I wrote. Seriously. It’s a lot and I CANNOT believe I unleashed all of THAT upon the world. I need to trim it and FAST o_o I haven’t a clue what to cut but God/Jesus will help me figure it out.

Continue reading

Where is ALI PROJECT’s New Album?

I’m probably sure I’m talking to a brick wall (no one ever comments) but I’m wondering this: WHERE is ALI PROJECT’s new album????

It’s May and we haven’t heard anything from them except a new single. They usually release two (count it: two) albums per year: an experimental album and a strings album.

There isn’t any news on anything.

Maybe they’re on tour? I haven’t checked their site but their lyricswikia page is usually updated about their new things. There was nothing there except the single.

Is everything okay with them? Is Katakura-Sama sick again?

What is going on?