The Case for Diminished Dragonboys – Pohl

"Stand in line! 3, 2, 1." There is a loud pitter-patter of paws and feet and constant chatters and whispers. The boys stand side by side All of them are draped in a gown of light fabric, drapery and jewels that leave little to the imagination and nothing in the back A single string in… Continue reading The Case for Diminished Dragonboys – Pohl


Proverbial Spin 001 (snipplet)

This is just a small snipplet from a little book I'd like to do.'s proving to be hard (like everything else in my life). I'll put it on the back burner after I fix character bios (I haven't made a post about that yet, you can find my characters at This particular poem-story… Continue reading Proverbial Spin 001 (snipplet)

The Hall of Mesonenth: Meeting

There were six council members; four of them in their forties and fifties. Erykah was the only member in her early twenties. They sat down at the round table in the room with the stain glass windows. It was dark in there with very little light except the ghostly-white rays of moonlight. It was always… Continue reading The Hall of Mesonenth: Meeting

Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

I remembered this Tumblr post that said "writing for yourself is bad advice and we write so others enjoy what we create" or something like that. I actually think both are true. In my journey of writing I realized something. The saying "write for yourself" is true BUT you must also write for others to… Continue reading Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

How hard is it to create After Effects, Paint Tool SAI/CSP and MMD alternatives for iOS? My Plea to Developers.

Prepare yourself for another post about why I think MMD and After Effects alternatives are possible on the iPad Pro. I know we won't get the actual apps themselves anytime soon but I think we can get alternatives that might be even better. These alternatives are touch based; made for the iPad and Apple Pencil.… Continue reading How hard is it to create After Effects, Paint Tool SAI/CSP and MMD alternatives for iOS? My Plea to Developers.

World of Winx: That New Winx Club Show I Totally Forgot About

My old post about loving the new Winx Club still stands today. We won't be getting the old charm back anytime soon but this new stuff is great! It's not so bad. I totally forgot that I can review stuff here and now that I can I am giving my first impressions of World of Winx.… Continue reading World of Winx: That New Winx Club Show I Totally Forgot About

Why I like the New Winx Club (A Comparison and a Review)

I should really paste this here….

Star Point Mansion

At first I hated the new Winx Club. I’m a veteran Winx-fan, I’ve seen all the episodes in the series (except the Darkness Bloom saga), watched all the movies on YouTube, brought one of the toys, and I know all about the series’ lore. When I heard they were bringing it back I said, “I thought it wasn’t cancelled.”

After doing a bit of Googling I heard of the series special and that they were bingin in people from iCarly. iCARLY! I hate that damn show with a burning passion of a meteorite. Then I heard Keke Palmer would be joining the cast. Nickelodeon was too lazy to rehire the old voice actors, so they ruin my childhood dream with new ones from shows I detest.

So the series special crammed the first season into four specials, excluded my favorite two songs “We Are the Winx” and “It Feels Like…

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This This THIS. It is important.

Writing While Human

I’m going to say something, and it is astounding to me that this is controversial: creative people should be paid for their work.

Writers. Artists. Speakers. Bloggers. Film makers. Sculptors. Musicians. Graphic designers. Actors. Directors. Set designers. Textile artists. Landscapers. All of them.

I’ve heard the most assinine reasons given for why these people should NOT be paid. Most of the time it’s “exposure!” Translation: everyone will see your work here and will want to hire you for other work! Which is ridiculous, because no other industry works like that. Imagine seeing these ads …

“Design a database for one of our clients and you’ll be added to our list of database developers. Our website sees tons of traffic, and they will all see your name! EXPOSURE!”

“Teach in our school for a semester and parents will be clamoring for their school to hire you for real! EXPOSURE!”

“Work for…

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The Painter (Poetry)

Swish, swish, the brush goes Swish and swish and swish When there is no more ink --No more inspiration, the brush becomes a knife and the paint becomes blood. Ohhhh, you did not deserve this A victim of a man's unspoken public crime He needed to paint, he wanted to paint Inspiration had gone but… Continue reading The Painter (Poetry)

Where is ALI PROJECT’s New Album?

I'm probably sure I'm talking to a brick wall (no one ever comments) but I'm wondering this: WHERE is ALI PROJECT's new album???? It's May and we haven't heard anything from them except a new single. They usually release two (count it: two) albums per year: an experimental album and a strings album. There isn't… Continue reading Where is ALI PROJECT’s New Album?

Anime Spotlight: Outbreak Company

Before I started my weekly anime rituals for this blog, I would often find myself just scanning through Crunchyroll’s library for a new anime to watch, seeing if I found anything conceptually that grabbed my attention. During one of these fateful nights, I came across the synopsis for the show Outbreak Company: “Shinichi’s mission is to… Continue reading Anime Spotlight: Outbreak Company