The Case for Diminished Dragonboys – Pohl

"Stand in line! 3, 2, 1." There is a loud pitter-patter of paws and feet and constant chatters and whispers. The boys stand side by side All of them are draped in a gown of light fabric, drapery and jewels that leave little to the imagination and nothing in the back A single string in… Continue reading The Case for Diminished Dragonboys – Pohl


The Hall of Mesonenth: Meeting

There were six council members; four of them in their forties and fifties. Erykah was the only member in her early twenties. They sat down at the round table in the room with the stain glass windows. It was dark in there with very little light except the ghostly-white rays of moonlight. It was always… Continue reading The Hall of Mesonenth: Meeting

Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

I remembered this Tumblr post that said "writing for yourself is bad advice and we write so others enjoy what we create" or something like that. I actually think both are true. In my journey of writing I realized something. The saying "write for yourself" is true BUT you must also write for others to… Continue reading Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

I See You! (First poem of the Four Eyes Mafia)

Eyes are the window to the soul and apparently when you wear glasses, your soul comes out in magic My name is Shiro I think it's Japanese for "white" My mom made me get glasses because I couldn't see Ever since then I could use a variety of magic spells! Every morning when the mailman… Continue reading I See You! (First poem of the Four Eyes Mafia)

Flash Fiction Time: Diamond Boy

I'm back with another flash story! It's not for a weekly event or anything. It's for a book I want to do called Eden. The writing prompt I used is "she sings" from a list of 400 prompts but I changed it to "he sings." As always if you enjoy this, like and comment. Also… Continue reading Flash Fiction Time: Diamond Boy

My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

Going back to Wattpad today had the unexpected re-emergence of an old fond memory. Back when I was a budding teen author before I spent my hiatus on Instagram I was an avid user of Quotev and Wattpad. I didn't use Quotev for long since I disliked the clunky interface but the site does have… Continue reading My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

The Painter (Poetry)

Swish, swish, the brush goes Swish and swish and swish When there is no more ink --No more inspiration, the brush becomes a knife and the paint becomes blood. Ohhhh, you did not deserve this A victim of a man's unspoken public crime He needed to paint, he wanted to paint Inspiration had gone but… Continue reading The Painter (Poetry)

A Flash Fic A Day #0: S C R E A M S

I have begun a "flash fic a day" challenge and I swear to The Lord I will NOT fail. I originally intended to have only original fiction so I could expand upon my stories but it's too late in the night to post the story I want. Instead I am opening up with fan fiction… Continue reading A Flash Fic A Day #0: S C R E A M S

Something’s a-coming!

I've been getting back into the game on this blog and am ready to start posting TSODR fiction again! The frustrating thing about organizing all that fiction into book form is, when you've made a world so big you want everyone to see every possible story and drown happily in the lore—that was the cause… Continue reading Something’s a-coming!

Where I’ve Been (repost)

This was reposted from my website c: If you’ve been a subscriber to my blog and followed my (unpolished) stories on Smashwords, then you’ll know that I’ve been silent for a looooong time. A year and a half to be exact. Where have I been? I’ve been in many places (*_* After my adventures in… Continue reading Where I’ve Been (repost)

Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!

Today I interview another indie author - Adrienne Wilder, author of the urban fantasy dragon series Darwin's Theory, Gray Zone and City of Dragons. She's also the author of the Others Series, the God Code series and the book JACK. If I remember correctly, I found out about her City of Dragons book when I… Continue reading Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!

Interview with Diane Astle, Author of Ben the Dragonborn

  Hello everyone! I bring you my very first interview with an indie author! Her name is Diane Astle, author of Ben the Dragonborn. I had the pleasure of meeting her in a dragon group I moderate. I love helping and I wanted to help her with exposure of her children's book, Ben the Dragonborn.… Continue reading Interview with Diane Astle, Author of Ben the Dragonborn

New Release and Doujinshi Information

I have a new releeeaaassseee~! I announce the print version of Dragonworld ETC, originally published in ebook format, is now in print format so you can enjoy the feel, look and smell of the book and its poems! This new release comes with my transition back to print books and the ending of updating Dragons… Continue reading New Release and Doujinshi Information

Ava Bear, Where Art Thou My Ava Bear?

It was a mistake I am sorry The day I let you slip from my grasp, I wanted to take you back I replay the moment, undoing time and ripping up a paper that should have never existed. I kept saying "we will take her back" but they...they wouldn't give you back. It was a mistake,… Continue reading Ava Bear, Where Art Thou My Ava Bear?