The Past is Our Road to the Future

In my time on the internet I have seen many things, learned many things, made mistakes and embarrassed the f*ck out of myself without realizing it until now. As embarrassing as my old comments, posts and the like we're, I can't change them. I can't change the fact that I used my name, wrote stories… Continue reading The Past is Our Road to the Future


My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

Going back to Wattpad today had the unexpected re-emergence of an old fond memory. Back when I was a budding teen author before I spent my hiatus on Instagram I was an avid user of Quotev and Wattpad. I didn't use Quotev for long since I disliked the clunky interface but the site does have… Continue reading My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

A Flash Fic A Day #0: S C R E A M S

I have begun a "flash fic a day" challenge and I swear to The Lord I will NOT fail. I originally intended to have only original fiction so I could expand upon my stories but it's too late in the night to post the story I want. Instead I am opening up with fan fiction… Continue reading A Flash Fic A Day #0: S C R E A M S


Talking Sunday: The Ending of Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL (No Spoilers!)

One anime I've come across has grabbed me by the heart strings and has never let me go. That anime is Yu Gi Oh! ZEXAL. Damn, what a good show. I've been watching ZEXAL for some time now, devoting my life to it (I think). I started with the English dub at episode 98 and… Continue reading Talking Sunday: The Ending of Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL (No Spoilers!)


Ava Bear, Where Art Thou My Ava Bear?

It was a mistake I am sorry The day I let you slip from my grasp, I wanted to take you back I replay the moment, undoing time and ripping up a paper that should have never existed. I kept saying "we will take her back" but they...they wouldn't give you back. It was a mistake,… Continue reading Ava Bear, Where Art Thou My Ava Bear?


Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie

Every Saturday I will be adding a flash fiction story from the book. This story, Jerry and Marie, comes from Sector 7 (Chapter 7) of The Society On Da Run book. This is a comedy story. _____________________________________________________________ Jerry & Marie Fell off a Tree ____________________________________________________________ I didn’t get away with it. But I wish I… Continue reading Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie