Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

I remembered this Tumblr post that said “writing for yourself is bad advice and we write so others enjoy what we create” or something like that. I actually think both are true. In my journey of writing I realized something. The saying “write for yourself” is true BUT you must also write for others to enjoy your work like you do. Let me explain: Continue reading “Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?”

Write for Yourself but also…For Your Audience?!?

My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

Going back to Wattpad today had the unexpected re-emergence of an old fond memory. Back when I was a budding teen author before I spent my hiatus on Instagram I was an avid user of Quotev and Wattpad. I didn’t use Quotev for long since I disliked the clunky interface but the site does have a (small) place in my heart. It introduced me to the only Internet-posted original fiction story that I’d ever read in full (or in its case, up to the chapter before it was deleted).

That story is My Bloody Little Kitty.

Fuck, even the name makes me want to read some emo stories in hopes of finding one like that.

Yes the story had problems that some stories written by teens have (like word play or in some places a dry use of words) but it flowed nicely! Flow is incredibly important and the flow and pacing of the story is what kept me hooked. There weren’t a lot of useless descriptions either. It was straight and to-the-freaking-point. It flowed well.

My problem with most books is they take their sweet-ass time on descriptions and shit (excuse my French!) but not Meghan’s story. It was to the point, descriptions were minimal but you are able to visualize things. The chapters are short too which is good for someone like me: a person who clicks out with long stuff. The whole story was amazing and lusty and, if I remember correctly, sweet.

Meghan wrote a gem.

I loved Parker, the red-head Sawyer and the green-haired Wolf. I loved Sawyer’s protective possessiveness over Parker. I love the love triangle that was being set up before our eyes and threatened to break apart the Sawyer X Parker ship.

Then, one day, the story was gone.

Gone. Deleted.

Meghan’s profile was deleted too.

I lamented and hoped Meghan would return. It’s been 3 years and she hasn’t. The story was reposted on Wattpad by someone else but only the first two chapters are there. I and (after reading the comments on Wattpad) many others want this story to return. I personally don’t care if it’s unable to be completed. Don’t stress yourself if you lost interest, Meghan. I want all 21 (or 23?) chapters and any unfinished chapters to be posted back on the internet again so I can read it and enjoy it. If you finish it that makes it even better.

Meghan, if you’re reading this, please please PLEASE bring this story back. If you’re afraid to, use a pen name and pretend you know the author! It’s better to be yourself though because your fans outnumber the haters.

If you know Meghan could you please pass this onto her? I’m praying for this story’s return. Is she well?? Is she still alive?

If you are her parents, your daughter is a wonderful writer!!

Meghan, if you’re considering turning My Bloody Little Kitty into a real book through self publishing, please don’t change it too much. Don’t add words in or do those awful long rambling descriptions that authors do. Or do what you think is right.

I know there’s a remake of this story called Cheshire. I read the first chapter and it doesn’t flow as well as Meghan’s story and it has rambling descriptions in some places. I only read (or skimmed) chapter 1 and it couldn’t hold me.

Also, It changed Parker’s name to Aiden. To me that also ruined it. Names are important. Parker sounds like a baby name; a name for someone in the process of growing up. Aiden sounds like the name of someone growing up and into themselves. That name wasn’t suitable for Parker whom is basically a baby in the story. He’s so innocent and he’s still growing up.

Lastly, the picture for him didn’t fit how he acts.

I’m sure the story has some good points, though and if you’re curious go read it. I might if I can focus my attention onto it.

I want to do my own remake of My Bloody Little Kitty. When I complete some of my writing projects I totally will. Maybe I’ll even add my own characters in place of Parker, Sawyer and Wolf so I won’t lose interest in writing it. I’m thinking Sylvio, Josh and a young version of Prince Dragon will do.

Meghan, if you’re out there, please bring your story back. There are nostalgic fans dying to read it. Even if it’s the initial 21 chapters.

Please ;-;

My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!

Today I interview another indie author – Adrienne Wilder, author of the urban fantasy dragon series Darwin’s Theory, Gray Zone and City of Dragons. She’s also the author of the Others Series, the God Code series and the book JACK. If I remember correctly, I found out about her City of Dragons book when I was searching “Dragons of Atlanta” because I wanted to see if anyone else wrote a ‘dragons in Atlanta’ story like I did. I tried reading it recently but I couldn’t finish it. Novels and I really don’t get along :/

Enough of my rambling. Below is the interview in all its glory!

Adrienne for theinternet0009


When did you first begin writing City of Dragons/Darwin’s Theory (or whichever books you want to talk about)? What were your inspirations?

Most of the books I have written were started a while ago, I just never finished/published them. I have hyper creativity, so my inspiration can be anything from a dream to a salt shaker. Basically my ideas have a weird way of forming that often makes no sense. Keeps things interesting.

When did you first fall in love with dragons.

According to my mother I was 3. I escaped her arms at the showing of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and ran down the aisle screaming “Don’t hurt my friend.”

Which scene was the hardest to write?

If you mean hard by difficult to construct? I don’t really have an answer because those kinds of things usually fall into place without me really even realizing it. As for a scene that was difficult due to content, I’d say a very large portion of the book JACK (a contemporary) would fit that bill.

Did your writing ever bring you to tears?

I am embarrassed to say, yes. Many times. I’m a sap.

What are your fondest memories of writing the book(s)?

Usually the actual writing of the story. That’s when I often go away in my head.

How has e-Publishing changed your life? Continue reading “Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!”

Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!

Talking Monday: Attack of the Anime


I just got an email from Goodreads about new releases this month. One of them is a manga (called a Graphic Novel by Americans that don’t know of manga) with a familiar name attached to it. The name, Sharyon Kerryin or something like that, is a name I’ve seen before at bookstores (attached to Romance and Fantasy novels…if I can remember correctly). I could also tell from the book’s cover art that it was based on a USA book. This is the third American-book-turned-manga that I’ve seen (the other two being Twilight and Mortal Instruments and I think the Hunger Games but I may be wrong on that one). These things are popping up fast. Among other anime goodies that have come to America is the animal hat (one of which I proudly own, straight from Japan) and American-media-turned-anime, like Iron Man, Blade, Halo (I proudly own Halo: Legends) and X-Men to name a few (out of many). For that you can trace it’s origins to the fantastical Animatrix (which I KNOW everyone has seen. Yes, I own a copy of that because I loved it). When I first got into anime, I said, “why can’t more Americans watch this?” Today I say, “my goodness, Americans are watching anime!” And now everyone is jumping on it like a fad, which I am fine with. I, growing up on Anime, fully support it and…oh what the hay I’ll say it: I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE DRAGONS AND CICADAS MANGA~! I know I’m suppose to be working on it myself, but seriously that project is better off in capable hands. I got too much writing to do with Book 2 of Dragons and Cicadas that next update! Heh heh…

Continue reading “Talking Monday: Attack of the Anime”

Talking Monday: Attack of the Anime

Dragons of Atlanta: Day 1-4

Because I couldn't find a better image
Why did I pick this image? Because I couldn’t find a better one and nobody makes fan art for my stories.

Day One: After the War

Hello to whoever sees this. I’ll be keeping a video diary, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Well, it’s raining today and the bombings have ended. I saw a few dragons in the sky but Kim told me not to peek out the windows.

We’ve…uh…taken in a few survivors and their Dragonling. They’re an old couple, kinda like hillbillies. Rhonda, she’s a bit on the chubby side, and her husband, Ralph, say they know where to find fresh food. Kim and I will be heading out with them tomorrow. The last time I had an apple was…fourteen days ago. I was cautious at first about their black dragon, but they said the dragon can’t use telepathy and is loyal to them. And you can probably see the thing behind me. He’s as ugly as hell. I’ve never seen a dragon like him; he’s not like the others. Those whiskers make him look like a fat cat. He won’t stop glaring at me. **sigh** Well, I think It’s time I turned in. Goodbye America.

Day Two: Food Search

Darrel: Good lord! Right over there…right by Cunnery Point! It’s standing right there! Don’t move.

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Dragons of Atlanta: Day 1-4

Dragons of Atlanta: Day Zero-One

Dragons of Atlanta

We’ve been getting reports from all over about dragon attacks in major cities. Folks have even sent in videos and in the ones I saw, I could see barbed tentacles coming from the sky and digging into the Earth. They were pulling strange pillars from under the ground! They had this technology the whole time and we were busy chasing UFOs while the real aliens were with us!

I heard Georgia was the fourth city to go down, but everyone says it was Rome that was destroyed first. I heard that the Georgia Gate Defenses was crippled by a giant serpent that was delivered via dropship. The dang thing was wider than the city itself and it literally melted the wall when it breathed fire. How could such a creature exist?

When the wall was down all the dragons started moving in with sacks, canisters, and ship-pods. Hundreds of medium-sized dragons were kidnapping people while the other dragons were dealing with help from the military.

At first I wondered why didn’t they attack from above? Why come through the gates? And then it came to me: They needed to protect the ground troops, so moving in together would make them a stronger force on initial attack and then they could get to kidnapping humans.

We are getting reports from all over the world about these attacks. People like me—regular humans—here at International Dragon Society do not know what to do. All over this rotting planet the dragons were kidnapping humans and taking them to their god and decimating our armies. If only we were smart enough to exploit their weaknesses…

No wait—I heard we tried that already—it failed…

What they have in weaknesses they make up for in numbers, strategy, tactics and army power. They work together and they’re a species that is not based around fighting. I guess studying Dragonism pays off.


God help us all

This is Darrell Kingman, signing off


Dragons of Atlanta: Day Zero-One

Prologue 00: Remembering (Fragments of a Dragon’s Memories)

Remembering… (Fragments of a Dragon’s Memories)

This was suppose to be posted as the first Prologue -_-

Silly me.

This is Ashuton’s past childhood, a distant memory of the torture a dragon shifter endures, even in their home country.



Rome, 1737

He was on his hands and knees and stripped of his clothing. He didn’t commit the crime but they let their prejudice towards his mother cloud their minds. He looked down at the stairs, then at the bowl of scolding hot water. He looked at those elegant windows, three on each side and the giant door to divide them. The bright morning light shone in beautiful rays, but to him everything seemed gray. He looked at the water again and his eyes became teary.

Ashuton gritted his teeth, ready to receive the worst pain of his life. She slowly poured the water onto his back, and he couldn’t refrain from yelling. Camella hated to watch him in pain, so she turned her head away from the scene but she found it sadistic that she was thinking his yells of pain were seductive. Ida wanted the pain to last long. She wanted him to suffer.

Ida spoke cruelly, “You heal fast. Don’t worry if the water scars your back. Those will be gone, just like your mother.”

Once it was empty, Ida lowered herself to his level.

“Hopefully now you will realize who you need to respect, Scalebreath.”

Ridley did nothing to stop the treason and neither did the maids. Ashuton couldn’t hold himself; he fell down on the cold floors. The feeling of the water made him cringe. He couldn’t turn his eyes fully red nor green. Only his pupils turned a faded red color and his tears trickled into his mouth. The sting of the water, the agony, the shame, it all felt like needles piercing into his back and stealing away droplets of his life.

“Take him away.” Said Ida.

The swordsmen grabbed the boy by his arms and took him out of the Praying Room.

This was the life that Ashuton had become accustomed to when his mother and father were away on political business. He couldn’t seem to muster up the courage to tell them about how they tortured him.

Thomas and Charlie, his caring older brothers, rushed to their crying brother as he was carelessly hauled into the bedroom. The door slammed shut, causing a rude awakening in Thomas. In the room, in the seclusion of the comfort of his brothers, Ashuton could cry out his pain.

Charlie comfortingly spoke to his brother as he cried hysterically in his arms, “One day, pieto, one day, they will pay for all the hell they caused you.”

Thomas shook his head in shame and tried to suppress his oncoming anger, “they make a mockery of us. If they truly knew what we could do, errrr…sarebbero morti per mano del drago! I have to kill them…I have to…I must!”

Thomas bawled his fists as he contemplated the decisions floating in his mind.

“We must abide by the rules of the Moral Code,” said Charlie, “A dragon must never kill.”

Thomas angrily protested, “Why should I have to abide by those rules? Look at how they are torturing us—torturing Ashuton—it can’t go on.”

“You may be right; Tommy, but we can’t risk it. The council could have us thrown into the ca—”

“Stop it.”

Ashuton gazed at Charlie with those ruby red eyes of his.

“Please, stop talking.”

Such a simple command had a very deep meaning. That simple command gave notice to how damaged Ashuton was becoming. The three boys would stay in that room all day until Aaron and Seraphina returned. They would never speak of the recent events, nor would they mention a sliver of it. Their other siblings would never know…

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Prologue 00: Remembering (Fragments of a Dragon’s Memories)

Last Kingdom

Last Kingdom


The newspapers were carried off by the loving wind

A storm was blossoming in the skies as the clouds slowly turned gray

The streets were vacant, empty of anything living except stray animals

Buildings were deserted, no sign of life living inside them

A couch stayed overturned

A bowl of popcorn was left untouched

The cash register was a broken mess on the floor

And money was no longer needed because there would be no one there to use it

Everything was free because nobody owned it

The giant tentacles were still digging up the pillars from beneath

They were still hard at work, descending from the clouds to pick up the pieces

On the outside, where everything was quiet, there was a sign of life at the towers

Thousands, maybe millions, were forced behind fences

The Dragon overlord told them the next step for evolution was arriving

There were outcries, but they did not understand

Why did they hate them so much?

As the days went by, the few dragon gods on Earth had expanded themselves

They melded and created for the sake of preservation

When the towers had been fully constructed, people were allowed back into their cities

Some world leaders expressed interest in revenge while others wanted to leave it alone

The Emperor of Antonin made a public speech, apologizing for his son’s actions

But he thought about it…Ashuton had every right to do it

So he took his words back and said the dragons suffered long enough

And that he failed to quickly act to quell their suffering

As days progressed to years, and things died out, humanity had returned to what it once was

But those towers above the cities were a permanent part of the landscape

There were skirmishes here and there

And there were those that wished to bring down the Dragon Empire

Those “radicals” could not see that the dragons were directing Earth towards greatness

Last Kingdom

Religion or Cult

Top image is Priest Warriors by Dusan Kostic – Fotolia

The maiden screamed as the cloaked men set fire to her shophut. They were the ones from Camelot’s Disciples (the cult of Yansake). They burned e’ry town that wanted to distill the uprising of the Yansake-Kuruga. She felt the Yansake-Kurugas were devilish and evil. The people of Camelot believed the Yansakes to be gods, but this shopkeeper said that nobody can hold a higher title over the Alma Maters, not even the Dragons. But the Dragons have been around longer than the Alma Maters…..or is there something we’re not being told? She didn’t want to believe in the Yansakes…..but these men did. She tried escaping through the storm drain behind her hut, but the men cornered her there. They took off their hoods, revealing themselves to be Kenningston’s Men. Continue reading “Religion or Cult”

Religion or Cult

We’re Not Dead: A Post for National Poetry Month

This month is my birth month and it’s also National Poetry Month. To show my love of poetry and lack of posts, I present to thee: Calliope Song from TSODR


a dragon’s shadow reflects on the walls

memories of days vanish

so I guess she’ll keep playing her calliope


Everything a dragon-boy is expected to be keeps him struggling

He struggles under the weight of expectation from others

He struggles under the weight of trying to meet their dreams Continue reading “We’re Not Dead: A Post for National Poetry Month”

We’re Not Dead: A Post for National Poetry Month

Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon

Yes, this is another dragon story because they deserve better. Forget the cliche evil dragons and the cliche dragon shifters. I bring foreth, thy dragon shifters from space! This story gives more background to Ashuton(the Italian dragon)’s relationship with Narcissus (the black girl). The image of the dragon and the girl will help you grab a better picture of what I’m saying. Gabriel Aubrey is Continue reading “Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon”

Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon

The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)

Lyrics for the not-yet-made Opening theme for my Goodreads poetry-novel, The Love of an Italian Dragon. The video attached somewhat inpired the song. Here’s the link: http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/295904-the-love-of-an-italian-dragon

PLOT: Ashuton Karrucci, the God of Dragons, meets Narcissus Cartwright, and the result turns into an all-out racial war in Rome. In the other side of the story, the Karrucci family struggles in a war against the insect empire Lucerano.


Il Drago che anima

questo drago anima che anima


un drago che prega per i suoi dèi

questo drago che amo

si trova in pericolo tutti i giorni

Continue reading “The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)”

The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)

Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.

Kitty Kat: I want to sell moar drugs, I want to buy moar drugs

3 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone

Tyler: Kitty, please don’t go. I don’t know what I’d do to myself if you left. I am sorry for what I said, and I don’t want you going to bed with that in your head.

3 hours ago via Facebook for Android

Kitty: I’ve left the house. My roommates won’t care. Everything I want, dare I say, is in that apartment, and with you nay I will stay. Goodbye.

3 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone

Tyler: kitty, please, I’m sorry!

3 hours ago via Facebook for Android

Alyssa: Kitty, come back. We are very sorry. We wanted you to be our friend, not end up on the tv show Maury!

3 hours ago

Jamie: she was on Maury?

3 hours ago

Kitty Kat: it feels great, like I never left. My drunken dream is the best euphoria I wished for. He knows what I want. He is giving me what I want and more. He’s giving me what you failed to give me, Tyler. Pleasure. White powder. Life.

2 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone

Jamie: LOL!! Kitty, are you serious? You’ve had no strife over here.

2 hours ago via Angry Birds Facebook Live plugin

Alissa: @Jamie: what is there to lol about? I’d rather see you stick a trout up your file mouth.

2 hours ago via Facebook-Twitter connect

Tyler: Kitty, I’m coming over there to get you and you WILL come with me.

2 hours ago via Facebook for Android

Mowry: Hahahaha! Tyler, don’t be silly. The ghetto is no place for a white boy like you. Sit back and enjoy your Xbox LIVE. It’s all you’re good at J

1 hour ago

Tyler: Mowry, now is not the time. You can call her ghetto, but I know that Continue reading “Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.”

Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve (Dragon’s Bed: After the Dream)


Lolita by melissaoka
Lolita by melissaoka


Only after did she realize she was human
Only after did she truly realize she wasn’t
Of all the things the girl knew, being human wasn’t one of them

She sat in the room and recollected memories
The end of the world was going on right outside her window Continue reading “Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve”

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve