The Definitive Guide to Space Dragons

Top image: Dragons of Ordinary Farm by Kerem Beyit

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Homeworld —— Draconizica     Habitat —— High tech cities, ruins, wastelands, forests, jungles, temples   Height —— varies by species     Weight ——varies by species     Diet —— omnivorous     Language —— Draconizican/Hynnody     Sapience—— sapient     Affilated Colony —— La Unione di Draghi (Italy)     Subspecies/Sisterspecies —— Shifters, human-dragons, humanity, much more

 Creed: From the might of the stars, we unite as one (circa 1943)

The Draconizican Empire is an advanced race of sapient Dragons, dating as far back to the birth of the universe. They are the second species in the Unity of Three. They have grown into an intelligent race, being able to construct cities, ships, weapons and methods of transportation. They have many species, including bipedal dragons that are able to stand upright and shifters whom can take human form and shift into a dragon. They take interest in science and experimentation and have countless planets under their control. They are docile, calm, and nice, unlike their rivals, the Crotonians. To recuperate from the war with the Crotonians, a small squadron of their empire sought Earth during its Pre-Cambrian era and settled down (despite the extreme heat and tectonic activity). Since then, they have been a regular part of Earth society, but have refrained from using their advanced technology. The Earth dragons still keep in touch with the main empire. They have eight main languages, but the most studied by humans is: Hynnody, Drakener, Ususos, and the CVL (Computer Variables, also called Numbers Language, which is used only for dragon-made computers). They prefer to keep a race alive once they claim it and occasionally mix their race with the ones they’ve taken. The name of their Earth empire is Antonin.

#1: So you say you want your Space Dragon Education?

So you say you want to learn about the creatures that attacked our Mother Earth, eh? Well I will give it to you.



**unveils black board**



Look closely here, I will tell you things about these Dragons, things that the Italians won’t tell you. You did know your beloved pets are aliens, no? Well, now you do. The Italians knew this secret but kept it from us. They worshiped those dragons and left us in the dark. Well hey, I’m Italian, half Russian and half Dragon, so I will teach you about my species. Look at the board and listen to what I say. I’ll drop the accent as best as I can so you can understand.



Let us begin (opens wiki book and writes on blackboard):

Creed : “From the might of the stars, we unite as one (circa 1943)”

Homeworld : Draconizica

Habitat : High tech cities, ruins, wastelands, forests, jungles, temples

Species type : Main Species

Diet : Omnivourous

Affiliated colony : La Unione di Draghi (Italy)

Language : Draconizican (language), Hynnody

Sapience : Sapient

Sisterspecies : Human-Dragons, Humans, Dragon breeds

Dragon transfer level : varies by species

The Draconizican Empire is an advanced race of sapient Dragons, dating as far back to the birth of the universe. They have eight main languages and are the second species in the Unity of Three.

==Past and Future==

They began when their Dragon-god was formed from Stardust and landed on a distant star. After the first society of Dragons was born, he moved them to a nearby planet. By the time Society 2 dragons were born, they were already able to construct hut-houses. Many years later as they developed they became more advance and had constructed their own cities, added additional species, and made advances to their languages. As their advancements grew, so did their awareness of other races, and thus starting the lifelong hunt to control every alien race that lives. They set out on command and conquer missions, almost all resulting in a success. They follow their Moral Code, which was to kill only if needed.

Fifteen years later, when they had slowed their pace in their missions, they encountered the Crotonians, a rival race in the unity of three, and also their distant relatives. They went to war when a Crotonian soldier assassinated their High Elder, Mab, and in retaliation the Dragons assassinated their Queen, Drury. After years of war, both races were ravaged and torn. The Dragons made further advancements in their species and technology and had created bipedal ground-soldiers.

In hopes of recuperating peacefully, they sent two of each species with the main fleet in search of a new planet. After a ten-year search, they found Earth. At the time it was uninhabited and the Dragons thought it was a nice place to settle. They did not expect all the turbulence and natural disasters that were to follow (the breakup of Rodinia, the alternate time loop). When humans came along, Dragons were seen as a threat. Dragons started kidnapping humans and taking them to the homworld to try and resurrect a Dragon God, but it only resulted in human-dragons (dragon shifters). The dragon Wyrl was the overseer of the projects and sired a child with one of the subjects (whose ethnicity remains unknown, but most likely African). By the time of the Roman Empire, almost all dragons were in hiding. The first contact with the Romans was in the time of Emperor Augustus. Wyrl and his son (the one born from the science experiments), from the nearest Dragon tribe, had spoken of contacting them. Dragons slowly observed the Romans and the languages they spoke. The dragons picked up on these languages and became fluent in them. The first dragon tribe to come into contact with a roman warrior was the Tribe of Woe, led by Wyrl. He encountered a lone Roman warrior in the forest and Wyrl, being a speaker of the language of the Romans, spoke to the warrior and desired to see their leader. The first contact with humanity was made (this may not have been the first contact. Scholars in Dragonism like to disagree with this).

All of this took place at the time of the Roman Empire’s first ruler, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus (real name Gaius Octavius Thurinus). The dragon cunningly spoke nothing but praise and servitude to the Emperor. The dragon favored the Emperor’s wife, Scribonia. After several failed attempts, Wyrl and his son (the one born from the science projects) were able to secretly garner children from her, thus bringing the first Earth/Terran-born human-dragon-children (Terranborn means it was born on Earth). After birth the children were taken into hiding.

During the time of the Emperor’s third wife, Livia Drusilla (Livia Augusta), Wyrl was able to take the form of a human. He was pressed by his Second-in-command into getting a dragon-child from Livia, which had proved to be a successful feat. Word of the betrayal had soon gotten out to the Emperor.

Wyrl was forced into hard labor and his son became servant to Emperor Augustus and the Roman Empire. The rest of Wyrl’s tribe arrived to speak on terms of peace with Augustus. Months of unrest later, the dragons proved worthy of the empire, but were not easily trusted. Many of the creatures became slaves.

In 1138 a new empire came into formation, this one making up a caste system of humans and dragons. The empire, Cicada (chi-kay-duh or Si-KAY-duh, also called Antonin), had tried hard to rival the Roman Empire. Cicada was based around peace, not savagery. Wyrl’s two sons and daughter had escaped Rome and have since made a bloodline of human-dragon children. This bloodline carried into Cicada. It was at this time the dragons came to Earth in more masses to seize what they felt was theirs. The dragons disappeared for some years and became myths and distant legends, hence the fairytales about them.

During their time in hiding, The Cicada Emperor, Thalnolis, had seared a child with his wife, and named the son Marcellus Aaron Cicada Karrucci ( ‘Marcellus Aaron’ being his first name, ‘Cicada’ being the name of the empire and ‘Karrucci’ being the name of the ancient dragon god and founder of the dragon New Age empire on Mars, and founder of Draconizica, and ‘Karrucci’ is the family’s last name). In 1347 the Empire’s name, Cicada, had been recognized

throughout its homeland. There were constant skirmishes with the Roman Empire, and radical followers of Cicada had resorted to terrorism.

When the Roman Empire was crippled by constant fights with the Dragons and a war between China, France and Greece, it soon tore apart. The Cicada Empire changed it’s name from Cicada to Antonin. In truth, Antonin is really Draconizica’s Earthian Empire sector.


The dragons have many species and sub-species, most of them undocumented. The most “precious” and “endangered” of the dragon race is the Cuvarian. They are tan-ish creatures with pink (or brown depending on the sex) spots on their faces. They are the only Dragons in existence that can power the dragon mega-weapon “Seinar.” The very few hundred species that are known fall into the category “most commonly seen.” King Dragons are small, usually the size of a dog, and are extremely feral. They have “fin-crowns” on their head that stretches all the way down to their cheek bone via the spikes on their head. Most of them are black with red markings and yellow eyes. Another most commonly seen species is the Shatterhorn. They prefer the jungles, and tend to head-butt their enemies with the sharp horns on their heads. The other most commonly seen species and sub spieces are the Modern dragons (the city dwellers).


There are eight languages of the Dragon language. Hymnody (Hynnost or Hynn) is the language of the ancient Dragons. It consists of strange words that are only suited spoken by a dragon’s tongue. Such words like ”Vix lòusmên vos ken estress (I thought you were happy)” would not sound right when pronounced by a human. Hymnody is, like Latin, a dead language to modern dragons. Drakaner consists of written words with no spaces and can only be understood by hearing it being spoken. Ususo consists of harmonizing with high and low pitches forming a song-word that only dragons will understand. When written, some phrases need to be written out like as if they were sung. Example: Mysteraaaaaaaaaaaa Syufeeennn. It is written that way to match the harmonizing.

==Unity of Three==

The Dragon race is the second species in the “Unity of Three.” The unity is a closed-group of advanced alien races that have progressed farther than any race in neighboring galaxies. The Crozethians make up the first of the Unity, the Dragons are the second, and the Crotonians are third. There is a strong debate among Oxford scholars that say it should be four. A hidden race, one that transcends the Dragons and Crozethians, had been “born” before them. An Oxford scholar, Ryan Eggert, called them the “Alma Maters of the galaxy.” The name Alma Mater is in fact the true name of the hidden race, but nobody knows of their whereabouts.

==Human Dragons==

A pressing matter on the Dragon homeworld is the appearance of human-dragons. They are 49% human, the rest being Dragon, and can change between the two forms. There is no way to identify a human dragon out of a crowd of regular humans. The most famous human-dragons is the Karrucci family (the rulers of Draconizica that currently reside in Rome, their birth-city). On the homeworld, the first human-dragon on the planet was a boy named Mischevous. At a young age he applied for the Dragon Council and paraded around the many sectors of the planet in hopes of informing all dragon-kind that human-dragons are not filthy. Riots had broken out when his birthday was made a national holiday. He was assassinated at age 12 at the hands of his bodyguard, the only person he trusted so dearly.

==Human-Dragon Traits==

Human-dragons don’t have any special traits, but members of the Karrucci family do. They can sense when one of their own is near, they can feel each other’s pain if they wish to find a lost family member. Their eyes tend to glow green and on some occasions they growl when they are angry.

==Dragon Transfer==

Human-Dragons are able to perform “Dragon Transfer,” a special ability that was thought to have been Dragon-only. Dragon Transfer is somewhat considered Vampiric in some cultures. The dragon unveils it’s fangs and sticks it anywhere on the body of their prey. “Needles” slide out from small holes in the fangs and draw blood from the victim. This method can also be used to insert dragon blood into a human or another dragon.

==Scales and Hide==

Some dragons have fur, some have scales, and some have a hide. The fur of a dragon is considered valuable in countries like Russia and Germany, and dragon scales is considered extremely valuable all over the world. When a Dragon’s scale is removed, you’ll see an imprint of where the scale had once been and you’ll also see a small hole. These are called “pheromone holes.” The holes’ purpose is to release body odor or heat from the Dragon’s body. Dragons with scales have these all over their body, and the scales are protective barriers for the hole.


The appearance varies by species, and they look much like traditional Dragons. There are also Wyvern species and a few other “armless” dragons. The only dragon that is very alien in it’s appearance is the Quetzelcoatl of the Darsha planet.

==Marriage and Reproduction==

When dragons “marry,” they don’t use human terms like Husband and Wife. They use the term “Other” when referring to a spouse. “Other” makes it more universal and spiritual. As quoted by “unknown girl” from Issue 3 of The Society On Da Run: “Other” is singular for them, like they are one with their lovers, so they’re both one person.”

Dance of Pleasure and Gathering Session

In the months of Jànumarris, Fel’Nary, Maharris, Avril and Armüun, dragons gather around for what they call a Gathering Session. These sessions are known to humans as an orgy. These orgies take place anywhere the dragons want to meet, and are usually initiated by the Dance of Pleasure. A young amorous couple (usually human-dragon) is chosen to fly in synchronization, and these flight patterns are usually accompanied by shrill “singing” from the audience. Humans can be mentally and physically affected by these dragon orgies. You’d have an overwhelming urge for sex, you’d want to pounce the next person you’d see, or you’d smell strange things.


Every month is a holiday on Draconizica, and because the planet’s rotation is slower, they have sixteen calender months, each month with 32 days. Their pronunciation of months is in Hymody.

















==Events of Notice==

Below are the three notable events in Dragon history:

*Trouble on Kane: The first planet the Dragons settled on was infested with poison-carrying bugs. The first dragon scientist extracted juices from specific flowers to treat the victims.

*Time of the Ancients: The ancient Dragons set forth the Draconizican Moral Code

*Awakening The Vessel: The dragon god creates “The Mosaic” in the Dragons’ first conquer mission


The main city of Draconizica has been called “the metropolis of lights” by many people. It’s main building has some resemblance to the Times building in New York. From afar the city can be seen because of it’s bright blue lights. These “lights” are a way of cooling the core of the planet from excessive power usage.

===Weapons, Ships and War===

Dragon airships have unique designs, and all of them have markings to tell them apart from the airships made by the Crotonians. Dragon ships are powered by an unknown gassy substance that can last for fourteen hours. Gunships are the smallest and require two passengers: a driver and a shooter. Transport ships are armed with rockets and can carry ten or more heavily armored Dragon soldiers. G-Class fighter ships can carry twenty normal dragon soldiers, are armed with rockets and an auto-lock turret, and are guarded by medium dragons.

Dragon weapons have special classifications and use different types of ammo. Class TF are the ordinary bi-pedal Dragon soldiers, and as such their weapons are of higher rank. High ranked weapons don’t need as much maintenance as lower ranked weapons. Becuase of this, the ordinary soldiers get the best weapons, mostly for used as a suicide resort.

Sniper dragons stay out of sight, taking advantage of their invisibility. Medium and small sized dragons are used as the beginning of the attack and come in mass numbers. The larger dragons are used at the second part of an attack, and if they feel they are losing, they retreat and come back with their God. This phase in the war usually ensures perfect success.

===The Mosaic===

The dragon god (known as The Vessel) can assemble millions (and in some cases billions) of dragons to him, and they all form one singular Dragon. When it appears over it’s target (usually a city), the dragons burst from the fromation and catch the enemy unsuspectingly. This is usually a last resort.

==Flag and Emblem==

The Dragon emblem in the picture on the right is the Official Emblem of Draconizica. Notice the symbol of the leaf at the bottom of the flag. There are four variations of the Dragon flag, each corresponding with a season. When a new season starts, people must change their flags to match the new season. That is called “Flag Day.”

The leaf represents Autum, the sun represent Summer, the Narcissus represents Spring, and the snowflake represents Winter.


Most of the dragon council is made up of eleven elders. These elder dragons are as old as the Vessel himself. Five out of the eleven elders are bipedal and withered. On the original expedition to Earth, the Vessel established a government of dragons. He anointed ten of his most trusted and eldest children to a “Ring of Trust” (Rifst en Fraut). Only eleven from the most worthy species were anointed. These serve as Second Command Voices when the Vessel is down, is in birthing, or is unable to battle and lead.

These commanding voices must have proper combat training and experience. The current leading body of voices is the ten Eldest Leaders of Draconizca. These leaders are bipedal and non-bipedal dragons. They are adorned with a crown for others to recognize them as the higher speaking of the castle and government. While they are the second-most valuable assets to the dragons, they are also the most overbearing. As elders, some of them need maids and servants to help them. Every Elder carries a knife in their robe, dresses, suits, armor or undergarments. They have multiple guards and will attempt suicide if threatened. Suicide is a last ditch attempt if the enemy manages to capture them. Each elder holds valuable information about the earliest times of the dragon race, as well as schematics of the oldest functional and unused dragon mega weapons, an account of every dragon leader and every bit of dragon activity within Draconizca, and a lot more valuable information that anything with a brain and hands would kill for.




A Dragonsinger holds the soul of a Dragon and an ancient Chimeran. With those souls, they can regulate a shrine song into a Godsong and use it to control androids. Al Micra is one such singer. In the olden days, they were followers of Echleon, the dragon god of Guardianship before Massimo. Dragonsyngers can be male or female and there are no gender restrictions.

The Talismans of Echleon can maximize a Dragonsynger’s power. Dragonsyngersare normally born from the womb of a Chimeran, and in human form. They are immediately taken to Draconizica where they learn to sing. Nowadays most Dragonsyner songs are a capellas of popular songs with Number codes embedded in the lyrics. Dragonsyngers must sing for Dragons for thirty years as punishment for the ancient Chimerans’ wrongdoing.

Gods, Emperors and Rulers

ANTONIN/DRACONIZICA EMPIRE: the Draconizicans are the cornerstone of everybody’s interest, and all it’s descendants and children originated from The Vessel, a singular omnipresent lifeform. Their gods and goddeses are part of the High Divine and they have a higher connection to the Highest One. Their Earth sector is called “Antonin,” and it’s rulers are of Roman and African blood.

Rulers of the Third Earth Dynasty:

* Emperor Firulli, the Cruel Italian: his clutchenen of thirty three eggs had nearly been destroyed when the French Tirwells tried to siege Antonin palace. His children include Marcellus, Mario and Vermicella. He led an assault against a Spanish outpost for no apparent reason. He ordered his men to kidnap various people off the streets so he could relish torturing them. He kept a hoard of Frisk powder which he shared with the people in the castle, and he was known for cutting off the heads of innocents. He was no kinder to Dragons, constantly terrorizing the females and hitting hatchlings. During one of his many sex crazed parties, Dannyleel, his exuberant and timid son, stabbed his own father in front of everyone when he tried to force himself onto him. Dannyleel became Emperor, being just a hatchling (sixteen years from lucky seven), but his throne was usurped from him two years later by Firulli’s brother, Giraldo. The throne should have went to Thalnolis, Firulli’s first-born son.

* Emperor Giraldo, the Silly Italian: his Emporancy lasted three years. He failed to help the Chinese when Lucerano invaded their land and backed out when he promised to help the Karaguya reclaim their Isles. He didn’t manage the empire and during his two-year reign it nearly collapsed.

* Emperor Thalnolis, the Greatful Italian: when his father was assassinated during one of his many sex parties, Thalnolis was suppose to become Emperor. It was taken from him by Dannyleel, and later taken from Dannyleel by Giraldo. When Giraldo was taken down by Sir Gregory’s army (Generic Team), Thalnolis became Emperor at the age of sixteen. Many call him “Baby Dragon,” and unlike his father, he kept his promises and built a better reputation for the Empire. He married off his sister to the Chinese prince Jin Wangzi to fortify Antonin’s alliance with China (Xiyu). He fromed alliances with Spain and France through the promise of rare dragon eggs that only he could produce. He met and married Giada Scribonia sometime during the Shackling of Earth and saved Italy from an alien crisis.

* Emperor Aaron: Thalnolis’s son and rightful heir, Aaron is the seventh child of Thal and Giada. He carried on his father’s wishes and further carried Antonin’s reputation. He tried fulfill help requests from various countries, but after feeling an extreme amount of stress, he created a new leadership system. Against his father’s advice, he gave select cities and countries to his many children and they kept the banner of their empire.

Main Gods and Dieties:

* Lementia: called the Goddess of Dragons, Mistress of Dragons, Woman of the Divine, and many other titles, she aided the Vessel in the creation of the dragon species. Her emblem is used as the main emblem of the empire.

* Canman: called the “Dragon of the Moon,” he resides within the High Divine and controls the moons and other sources of light throughout the universe and counter-mensions. The “crown” atop his head is morelike a radio for connecting to dragons during Partitioning.

* Rodderan: the Dragon of Science, Rodderan’s location varies. He travels the stars, looking for different galaxies, countermensions and realms to visit. He is responsible for the death and rebirth of stars.

* Scoupli: nobody knows his true place in the High Divine, but many speculate he is light and darkness.

owl by nipaporn baldwin

TYTO ALBIANS: the often cruel descendants of the Tytos carry the bloodline of the Owl Gods. Not every Tyto within the owl society is cruel, and there are many Tyto-shifters running the political scene, like Firucana Badocelli and the Duke of Bracknell. The lands under their rule include some parts of France, Berlin, some parts of Africa and half of India. They have two forms: human and owl. They are the creators of the Dark Redfire superowl soldier. “Carpe Diem Tyto” is their Third Dynasty tagline.

Owl Leaders of the Third Earth Dynasty

* King Screech of the North Pole: he originated from the icy lands of the North. How he survived such harsh climates remains unknown. He led the Tyto army during the Disaster of Antonin during Emperor Firulli’s rule. His daughters, Amaya, Caster and Leshtafa had split from the empire to create their own mini-kingdom with the male Raven shifters of Iceland.

* Queen Narsilia of the Sahara: born and raised in Africa, Narsilia wed one of the Aztec princes of the Fae Kingdom. She gave birth to her first child through human form, but it was killed in a fire set by Crotonian radicals. A few years later she once again gave birth to three more, and they’ve managed to immortalize themselves. Her rule over the Canadian Republic was viewed as slightly narcissistic when it came to fulfilling help requests. Overall, her reign was peaceful.

* King Ravishneck of the West: when he was a Prince, he tried to undermine the rule of Benjamin Franklin during the Indigo Trials. When he came into power, he stripped America of it’s power, but later lost the country to Antonin. He was cruel and uncaring. When one of his mortal whores came to him with his three children, he viewed them as impure and dirty souls. He would later die by the hand of his own son, whom would take the crown and the Tyto Empire.

* Emperor Travistersi, Savior of the Owls: his reign over the empire was much like Narsilia’s (minus the narcissism) and much like Thalnolis’s reign over Antonin. Travistersi killed his father when he was resting and his last words to his father was an ancient spell in owl language. He made sure his reign was unchallenged by his uncles, whom mirrored their brother. He rid of them all except Higten. he forged the Kingdom of America but lost some of it’s states to Lucerano and Antonin.

Main Gods and Dieties:

* Albania: the Owl of Eternal Knowledge, Albania lived during the time of the Mammoth tribe of Rodinia planet. She accompanied the Draconizica Empire to Earth and, with Marc-Jaqueline-Perry, bred the first Owls.

* Blanc: the Owl of Darkindle, Blanc shares his power with Noir, the Owl of Light. Not much is known about him.

CICADA GODS: Very little is known about them. They have no shifter descendants and are loved by the Dragons. Their Third Dynasty tagline is “Cicala di Italia,” and they come out every summer to mate.

Cicada Leaders of the Third Dynasty

* there has been only one known ruler throughout the history of the Cicadas. They tend to keep to themselves and not bout over power. The only Cicada leader was ”’Julius Xanthar”’, the cicada with a human shifter form. He led a small army to a forest island to claim it for his cicadas during the first landing of Draconizica.

Main Gods and Dieties:

*Julius Xanthar: the only known Cicada shifter in existence. He had once consorted with a Dragoness during his First Landing to Isola d’Elba

*Pillia the Wise: a voiceless cicada, Pillia was Julius’s consort and later his mate. Despite her strange abilities she had the normal lifespan of a cicada.

ALMA MATERS: The age-old society of Alma Maters disappeared long ago. They were humanoid beings that came in many ethnicities and nationalities. They are often called “The First Humans” and some speculate they created the dragons, although that’s not true. They were the first to initiate the Unity of Three in hopes of quelling the fighting between the Dragons and the Crotonians. Alma Maters were curious godlike beings, and they tried to “tame” Draconizican Dragons, thinking they were wild and feral and non-intelligent. Most believe this lead to their downfall. Alma Maters made sure they left their mark by placing spires and other constructs on various planets. These constructs also serve as communication towers so any surviving Almas would be able to contact the Goddess for help. Many speculate the now-extinct empire of the Crozethians (Crozees) may have consorted with Alma Maters.

The Blood of an Alma Mater

People blessed with the blood of an Alma Mater are often said to have supernatural powers and tendencies. Characteristics of a person possessed by their blood are usually peaceful, tend to have long hair no matter what ethnicity/nationality they were, they have an obsession with learning, and they tend to love fruit. While these are common traits of a brainiac (minus the fruit), Alma Mater descendants become obsessive in these qualities.

Alma Maters of the Third Dynasty:


Gods and Dieties: there is only one to name so far.

* Kliejma: the Alma Mater god of wonders. Curiosity is his main attributes.


CROTONIANS/LUCERANO EMPIRE: they were created sometime after the Dragons. They are an advanced alien empire of insectoids with many breeds. They are cruel and merciless, but to each other they are caring and loving. The Higher-Up Crotonians are controlled by a single brain insect that serves as Queen of the Empire. When a new Queen is needed, she must pass a treacherous mind-game that involves “living” through the memories of the Crotonians’ enemies. Their homeworld is full of dome hives and spire towers, which serve as homes. The Queen’s Hive, also called the Queen’s Tower, is the largest spire on the planet and is crawling with guards, male drones and automatic hover-turrets. The dragon empire visited their homeworld and attempted to rule their race, but the Crotonians fought back. When the dragon shipmaster Kyine visited the Crotonian queen to speak negotiations, they both ended up killed and a war had ensued. When the Crotonians found Earth sometime after the Dragons got to it, they created their own Earth Empire and gave it the name Lucerano. The descendants of Lucerano also originate from the lineage of the Romans (just like the Dragons of Antonin/Draconizic).

Lucerano Leaders of the Third Dynasty:

* Emperor Valden, the Red Rider of the North: the first ruler of Lucerano, he set up the plan to cleanse the Earth of it’s pests. He started multiple wars with Antonin and Tyto Albia and he never took orders from the Crotonian High Queen (whom chooses to reside in her tower on the homeworld).

* Empress Sistern the Great: after Valden’s death, Sistern vowed to continue his plans. There were constant wars with Antonin, and in her era she initiated the Thirty-Year Ceasefire.

* Emperor Holo, the Nekkid Emperor: he ruled the empire for a long time and fathered many offspring. His most “prized” creation is Lucell Ricada, whom he fathered with Empress Anya Fitzgerald during his planet tour.

* Empress Lucell Ricada: her longtime rivalry with Aaron (and her strong romantic feelings towards him) had caused many wars. When Aaron came to her with a request to unite their empires thorugh marriage of their two children, she couldn’t refuse.

Main Gods and Dieties:

* Junyaku, the Crotonian god of darkness: Born out of political wedlock of Woodry Lucerano and Kimi Antonin, Junyaku is a cross between Crotonian and dragon blood. Living mainly in the sea or in forests, he mostly parades around in his human form, shining cruelty on anyone and anything (when he is in a good mood).

* Yansake, the Crotonian god of the air: during the ages of King Arthur and Camelot, the Yansake-Kuruga held religious dominion, pushing Christianity and other religions out of the minds of the masses. The leaders in the Cult of Yansake (known to Camelot’s inhabitants as Camelot’s Disciples) were, in actuality, android-vampires and the Crotonian Queen’s first-borns.

* Shishi, the Crotonian god of Luck

* Ranmanthing, the Crotonian god of fire: the only Crotonian banished to the Circles of Hell, the empire rarely sees Ranmanthing as one of their own. They label him a disgrace due to his current situation.


Draconizican Network/Pillars of Light

Over the years, small cults have acquired Intel and documents from dragon safe houses pertaining to the “Almighty Grand Plan.” The dragons kidnap humans, impregnate them, question them, keep them, raise them, and god-knows-what, but we are just the sidelines in their plan for showing us who is boss. The cult “Shining Star” has given us a scanned copy of a map and plans written in the dragon language. Now, our translation was a little rough and a bit sticky, but bear with us.

Look alive, children. It is time our ancestors came home. Leslie, the last of the awakened Alma Maters, says the world needs to be converted before the living Alma Maters can touch down. So far, our army has rebirthed the ancient dead dragons and our Father has birthed newer bretheren to aid us. Our mission for planetwide peace and love is nearly complete, and The Vessel will be proud!

That tells us nothing about the Pillars. But the map reveals towers, cities, and locations of Pillars. Look for a strange pattern going on in the list. All pillars and cities are active in Italia. That’s a huge giveaway to where their main base is located.

*Minor Pillars: used for communication and linking up towers

*Pillar of Light: one of the central towers used for housing dragons and linking other towers in the network to initiate the super cluster event (refer to the Pillars of Light section)

*Dragon city: a city built by the Empire for housing humans, dragons and other species. Mostly closed societies.



Nagoya City (Pillar of Light): destroyed

Yokohama (dragon city): Active

Matsue (minor pillar): Destroyed

Kyoto (minor dragon city): Active

Sendai (Pillar of Light): Green lit

Aomori (minor dragon city): Active

Tokyo (Pillar of Light): Green lit

Osaka (dragon city): destroyed

Sapporo (dragon city): Destroyed

Niigata (minor pillar): Destroyed


Rome (Main Pillar): Active

Milan (minor pillar): Active

Piedmonte (dragon city, Pillar of Light): Active

Napoli (minor string of pillars): active

Lombardy (pillar city): active

Sorrento Massa Lubrense (dragon city, string of pillars): active

Amalfi Coast (Pillar network tower): active

Como Town (Dragon city, main pillar communication tower): active

==Other Locations==

Chicago, Illinois (dragon city, minor string of pillars): Active

Will County, Illinois (dragon city, minor pillar): Active

Washington DC (Pillar of Light): Destroyed, Rebuilt

Dion, France (dragon city): Greenlit

New York (dragon city/Lindendale): Active


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