Coming to Earth and Dragon Q&A

Coming To Earth

The Empire of the Dragons of Antonin begin at the start of their emassing planets in their local star system in Pre-Cambrian times, circa 4567 Ma. When the Roman Empire fell, which the dragons anticipated, they brought their empire from under the fold and took Earth as they had done other planets. A few other kingdoms rose to the challenge: Lucervus, a kingdom in Sabirs, and Specel, a splinter of the Sassanid Persian Empire. This also includes Xi-quin, a kingdom originating from Xiyu challenged the dragons and lost.

The dragons’ enemy, the Crustians (Crotonians), had returned and created Lucerano via political marriage with the last surviving heir of Lucervus. The dragons were the reason for the Crotonian’s arrival on Earth. By that time the war had restarted and the dragons were able to flush the enemy out of their territory but it was not the last they’d see of them.

The Pillars of Light

In various parts of the Earth hidden and invisible (or buried) structures lay awaiting their purpose. These structures are tall pillar-like systems that link to the dragons’ staging posts on other stars and planets, like a cell-phone network. The system of Pillars on Earth, which are called the Pillars of Light, serve as a transporting system to transport only the strongest portions of the dragon army that is spread out in the universe on staging-post planets. It can also cluster other galaxies together, which can have a serious outcome. The pillars are very hazardous to touch.

During the Pliocene Epoch the dragons saw no way out of the war with Crotonians and decided to use the age-old pillars to transport one of their prized starsystems (which was about ot become enemy controlled). A human, dragon or other race can power on the pillars, but to turn on all pillars is a challenge. An ACPI is anything that can power all the pillars. Rare dragons like Cuvarians can perform such an action. The Cuvarians are well hidden to avoid assassination and are therefore kept by The Vessel in his lair. The dragon empire have kept it secret for years.

Modern day Dragon War Creed

We vary from several realms

All with a common goal

All with a common undermining rule

To kick arse

Take names

And leave no prisoners

And to decimate all we touch

We will scorch the surfaces of the Earth from the inside

They will scourge

They will squirm

And when they have the courage to gasp

When they have the courage to breathe

That’s when we’ll strike

Dragon FAQs with Narcissus (Lementia)

Q: can dragons catch human diseases?

A: No. their immune systems are resistant to Earthling pathogens

Q: do dragons have their own diseases?

A: yes, but they are curable with natural resources form their planet (like the grass or flowers or berries)

Q: can dragons breed with anything?

A: yes, they can…it all depends on the size of the dragon

Q: what is an Alma Mater?

A: a very old civilization that disappeared along with the Crozethians.

Q: do Dragons have their own churches, religions and bible

A: yes, yes they have all of that

Q: do dragons like going to war?

A: it depends on the Dragon. one can be bloodthirst and cruel, or merciless or whatever fancies the dragon

Q: so…the Vessel lays all the eggs, but he’s a male! How is that possible?

A: please refer to Chapter 10: Vessel Reproduction

Q: what do dragons like to eat?

A: anything. Well, not anything.

Q: what do they eat the most?

A: meat, meat, MEAT!

Q: what did dragons do on the Fighting Oath ship during the 1600s?

A: they fought alongside humans to stop invading Crotonians. Everyone knows that!

Q: did Dragons build the Fighting Oath?

A: yes, they designed and built it with the help of an old dragon named Os.

Q: can dragons wear glasses?

A: yes, they can wear specially made glasses

Q: what did dragons do during the K2 extinction?

A: most of them flew away and waited until things were over to return while others used a shield system in an underground lair to stay alive.

Q: I still can’t comprehend dragons building spaceships. How do they do it?

A: they have specially made tools like Heat lasers and giant screwdrivers. They harvest most of their metal and steel from the neighboring exo-planet Selena. They also make use of their human-dragon shifters and bipedal dragonpeople.

Q: dragons make computers? How and why?

A: that’s like asking why humanity has the Internet

Q: when human-shifters eat something large like a cow in their dragon form, can they switch to human form after eating something so big?

A: No. their bodies are restricted from human form until large types of food are digested completely and expelled. Digestion is usually 1-2 hours. I hear it’s different for owl shifters.


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