Know Your Space Dragons: Background

Homeworld —— Draconizica     Habitat —— High tech cities, ruins, wastelands, forests, jungles, temples   Height —— varies by species     Weight ——varies by species     Diet —— omnivorous     Language —— Draconizican/Hynnody     Sapience—— sapient     Affilated Colony —— La Unione di Draghi (Italy)     Subspecies/Sisterspecies —— Shifters, human-dragons, humanity, much more

 Creed: From the might of the stars, we unite as one (circa 1943)


Know Your Space Dragons: Background

The Vessel started out as a small life-form particle on a Population II star on a galactic spheroid sometime during the creation of the Universe. After it’s complete formation 12,124 Quan-years (Quan-years is a timeframe used by Alma Maters and is typically faster than human years) later it became a non-bipedal winged creature and the Vessel materialized from dust and took flight. It wandered around the space of newborn stars for one thousand years. It traveled to the first supercluster formed and landed on the first planet. The planet it landed on, C7100, or most notably called ‘The White Planet’, was a gravitational mess. The seas on the planet were toxic with particles, the primitive jungles were steamed with water, and it’s dominance was giant creatures and marshlands that were very hard to navigate. On this planet, he laid countless dragon eggs and initiated the first dragon society.

After the first dragon society was born and raised, the second society had become more advance than the first.

The Vessel is the dragon god, but he is also like an actual vessel. During the Siege of Rome, the country of Italy lost Rome to the dragons when the Vessel came into the scene. In the dark of night, the dragon, larger than a single country, appeared as a giant and seemingly endless shadow in the sky (although he is not a shadow). This ‘dragon’ is made up of a cluster of millions or billions of dragons and they burst into flight from the Vessel. They easily captured Chicago with this method. Where he goes they break away and take flight? Nobody knows. So to put, the Vessel is a living craft and a sentient being.

On the original homeplanet, a massive guard unit of dragons protect The Vessel. A rough estimate/guessing is maybe seventeen football fields full of dragons. It is a seemingly endless amount of them.

When the eggs of Society I were born they were kept in their marshland jungle and some were raised by the Vessel himself inside a cave until they reached maturity. These primitive dragons were feral. They hunted wild animals, didn’t have much reasoning thought…they were like babies. The Vessel taught important things to some of his hatchlings and told them to pass his teachings on to other dragons. They were very social and relied on dirt drawings and their first primitive language to tell a story. Over the years their behavior changed as the hatchlings taught them in the way of The Vessel.Their primitive language, Hynnody, became more developed and soon they were taught how to speak like the Dragon Gods. The first upbringing of language was acquired when a dragon egg fell into the ocean and picked up on the primitive language of the fish.

The second society of dragons was smarter than the first. They created their own languages, rules and a city. They excluded what humans are infamous for creating: currency. Instead they acted out of goodwill for the “commons” (the commonfolk).

Society II dragons were raised by their parents, not by The Vessel, but through stories they recognize The Vessel as their god. Often times they would visit him in the cave on their homeworld. Dragons, unlike their mythical cousins in the literature of humans, raise a family and in some cases the offspring will stay with the parents to watch over them. Scientists that studied the remains of elder dragons have learned about how these dragons lived. In a few rare cases some people have picked up powers from the remaining bones of deceased elders.

The Vessel needed a soul to live. During it’s very first stage of life, it was able to “bring” the soul of it’s not-yet-born owner, Ashuton Karrucci, into it’s body. When it was nearly time for Ashuton’s “birth” into human form, it deactivated because he had to return “his” soul to the future. It waited for the right moment after Aaron’s and Seraphina’s sexual relation and the Vessel sought her womb and waited until Ashuton was created to truly (and fully) become him. Ashuton was meant for the Vessel before his parents ever created him.

During their technical advancements, Dragons made staging posts on stars. After their skirmishes with the Crotonians, they sought a new planet to conquer so they could recuperate. In the Milky Way, they had selections like Mars, Neptune; Jupiter, etc. They decided to land on Earth during it’s Pre-Cambrian (Hadean eon).

Classification Guilds

One of the fasciniations of Draconizica is the Classification Guilds. On the planets they take over, a species is classified into a special guild. Over the years these classifications became less and less restricted to species. Que’Carpe Diem was the oldest dragon-guild on Draconizica, the second being Haarper’s Angels. Nowadays, Que’Carpe Diem has become a guild full of elderly dragons, humans, and other sapient species (mainly because of it’s age).

Classification guilds have now become known as classification clubs. Each club has it’s own song to match it’s inhabitants. The main temple where Que’Carpe Diem resides has nothing but old dragon percussion songs and classical songs playing throughout the temple (and any temple they own). When Narcissus made way into the Redwing Club, she brought with her songs like Get It On by Koda Kumi, and a song from Ali Project’s Nihonshugi album. Redwing was known as the “club of j-pop.”

Every group has it’s own emblem to distinguish it from others. When looking for owned property (such as dragon stones), always check and see if a Guild emblem is on anything you think you can keep (like if you see a dragon stone on the ground or a dragon ruby in a tree).

Knights of the Table is another dragon group, and they prefer the music of the middle ages. Disaster Hooligans is the only dragon group famous for being ruthless and going against dragon laws. Lead by IN.sidE, their human inhabitants are a mixture of cyberpunk, steampunk, and various other mashed costume genres with Cyberpunk styling. Their theme song was one of the Japanese songs Narcissus had introduced to the Dragon Lords (and such things can spread. It was a rather catchy hip hop-style song from the Nihonshugi album.).

Dragon Forests

There are many forests in the world, and in such forests a human can find and tame a Dragon. When a dragon sees a human approaching, they become apprehensive and shake nervously. The best way to approach one is to hold your hand out to it and walk slowly to it. As you get closer the dragon will try and stare you in the face, but can’t. wild dragons can scare off enemies by staring thme in the face. As you get closer you’ll notice how the creature keeps rocking back and forth. In most cases the dragon will jump at you and scream in your face if you get close enough.

If the Dragon is successfully tamed, you have to immediately take it on it’s first ride or it will devour you to bits. Usually a first person’s view grants you dragon’s vision, which is a rare occurrence. Side view is also possible when in dragon’s vision. But be careful: being connected to your space dragon does not guarentee it has been successfully bound to you. It takes three rides before your dragon warms up to you and you can fully rely on dragon’s vision. If the dragon desperately wants you off, it’ll perform sommersaults, backflips or other stunts in an effort to get you off. That’s why you must always bring a parachute or trash bag before taming your dragon. Depending on how the dragon feels, it might save your ass from being ground meat if you didn’t bring a parachute.

A Dragon actually WANTS to feel needed. A kiss to your dragon will assure it that you two are bound internally and outernally. Remember: only forest dragons can be tamed, and there aren’t many of them existing. You must be a very happy dragon :D.

Ender and the World

This rare occurrence happens once every 120 years. On the distant dome planet of Rin’mar, Ender, an elderly dragon and Other to IN.sidE, will try to escape from his prison under the planet. His only means of escape is a crater filled with dragon water that the Elders built as a barrier to hold him in. Over the years, humans migrating from Earth inhabited the planet, and a metropolis was build not too far from Ender’s prison. When time comes for his escape, an army of dragons is sent to the planet. This army normally contains regular fighting Dragons and a few ice dragons to freeze the pool.

Ender’s appearance is something humans can’t seem to get right. At first he was a black dragon of terribly intimidating size, but being confined in molten rock has changed his body’s appearance, abilities and functions. Glowing orange stripes (the dragons call these “fire stripes”) had appeared on his body in a somewhat symbolic fashion, his mouth has a deep orange color, and his front eyes turned red while the eyes on his neck burned out. There’s nothing spectacular about his head, except the two horns that sometimes expel smoke. These act as “sensors,” so he’ll know when something is coming.

Ender had never done anything wrong to the Draconizican empire. The reason the Elders imprisoned him is because IN.sideE was his Other (wife) and they feared he would retaliate when they killed IN.sidE.

Shatterhorns and Drugs

This dragon species/breed has one large horn on their head and a shorter horn on their nose. They are slender, tannish with light pink-red stripes and have dark yellow eyes. When they are hunting for their prey, they usually hit it head on, causing severe damage with their horns. One side-blow from this dragon can kill a horse. In recent years Earth Shatterhorns are used in lumberyards as a replacement for chainsaws. As a keeper of Earth, Shatterhorns are very reluctant to chop down trees. They are usually restrained with chains, dragged out to the lumberyard and are drugged with Puriferline. This causes them to have a panic attack and anything in their path suffers a great deal. This is how entire forests are decimated. The drug shortens their lifespan and as a result, a Shatterhorn that has been drugged is not allowed to mate because of fear of this “limited year” spreading into the bloodline.

Dragon Prostitution

Some of the very bad humans use dragons for prostitution and as servants. Aside from selling dragonscales (one scale is worth $1,000 to $2,000), dragon females are used as sex toys to other humans, dragons or Crotonians. Since dragons can’t catch human disesases, Restraints aren’t needed. However, if the dragon is with another dragon, restraints are needed in fear of transmitting flesh-eating microbes (which are curable by natural sources).


On the original expedition to Earth, the Vessel established a government of dragons. He anointed ten of his most trusted and eldest children to a “Ring of Trust” (Rifst en Fraut). Of the seven main dragon species, and thousands of subspecies, only ten from the most worthy species were anointed. These serve as Second Command Voices when the Vessel is down, or is in birthing, or unable to battle and lead. They are also charged with the jobs on controlling spending of gold and budget cuts, (Yes, it was stated that they did not use money. But a few thousand years ago a fight over the value of gold had occurred, thus leading to it being used as money).

These commanding voices must have proper combat training and experience. The current leading body of voices is the ten Eldest Leaders of Draconizca. These leaders are bipedal and non-bipedal dragons. They are adorned with a crown for others to recognize them as the higher speaking of the castle and government. While they are the second-most valuable assets to the dragons, they are also the most overbearing. As elders, some of them need maids and servants to help them. Every Elder carries a knife in their robe, armor or undergarments. They have multiple guards and will attempt suicide if threatened. Suicide is a last ditch attempt if the enemy manages to capture them. Each elder holds valuable information about the earliest times of the dragon, as well as schematics of the oldest functional and unused dragon mega weapons, and an account of every dragon leader and every dragon activity within Draconizca, and a lot more valuable information that anything with a brain and hands would kill for.

Aside from Elders are Cuvarians. These are normal-species dragon but are exceptionally rare and can power the ACPI Natural Defense Weapon. At the time Cuvarians were involved in a war with a planet they conquered. The race they left alive began rebelling against them and burning Cuvarian churches and Hope Houses. Cuvarian Demographics were 758,000 but the war decimated the non-fertile dragons to 421,000. Sir Julius Maxus established the Cuvarian Hope Treaty with the rival race to preserve peace and stop the torture. All but 6,000 Cuvarians were pulled from the planet and had their freedom given up or taken away by the Elders. This happened at a meeting with the National Dragonizca Council, in which Elder Malay gave the order to General Willferst to have them pulled from the planet. Transport ships arrived and Grenadier dragon guards forced the Cuvarians on the ship. At the hearing when Elder Malay gave the order for them to stay with the Vessel, eight Cuvarians jumped onto her and began biting and mauling her. Malay’s guards immediately began killing the attackers, and the result left the Cuvarians in a rage and rebelled against the Council. The one that led the attack was sacrificed to the Vessel, whom tore apart and consumed the Cuvarian dragon. The rebellion didn’t last long; the Vessel stepped in and tamed the unruly dragons.

The dragon government consists of Twelve Houses, a High Council, Four Presidents to control the laws of the Four Regions, and various Kings and Queens, with the high leader being the Antonin Emperor and the Overseer Leader being the Vessel. How does Antonin tie into this?

The Antonin Empire is indeed the Draconizica Empire. They go by many names by their enemies, such as “the empire of blood,” the “empire of goodwill,” the “invaders from Delta eridanus,” and most famously “winged demons of Hel.” Each of these names has been discredited except “the empire of goodwill.” The Antonin Empire of Draconizica settled on Earth and branched off inside the “Roman Empire” and when the Roman Empire had fallen, Antonin had risen once again and dragons came out of their “fairy tale” hiding. It’s Emperor, Thalnolis, had rule over much of the third world and had sent his dragons to explore the “other side of the globe”.


Emperor King: They are the fathers of most Dragons. Only Emperor Kings can lay over 700,000 eggs.

Greylair King: These kings come in primary colors. Greylair are the only Dragons that can heighten the shrill scream to 130 to 150 dB (SPL) and sometimes mate outside of their marriage.

Righteous King: The third type and has less power than a Majestic. They lead the armies.

Majestic King: they are the fourth type. They lay eggs! Scientists have tried to study these dragons, but to capture one is a task no one has completed or survived.

The Vessel: the dragon god that links every bloodline, every soul and every cradle of the dragon republic (not mentally. Remember, they are not a hivemind). He is not on Earth, while others debate that he is and that he takes the form of a human. He lays eggs and creates new societies on the planets the dragons dominate. He controls the armada, the fleets, and the empires. He does direct the army in some form of way, but true Armada Leadership on the home planet is established through The Originals. They are an office of ancient King Dragons and lower-species dragons with significant ranks and roles. Sometimes the Elders lead the fleet with The Originals. One Original can lead lower dragons (such as Mama Angelinas or Grenadiers) into battle by telepathy. This telepathy in dragon-soldiers is not the same as Human-dragon Strauss telepathy, where a human-subject is needed for telepathy to work.

The Kings’ Weapon

Name: Dragon Sword Slayer
Damage Caused: Instantaneous Death

Wielders: Dragon Kings, Lords, Priests, Leaders and Fleet Commanders
Description: This weapon can hold five missiles, and a magazine of 800 bullets at a rate of 1500. The weapon is reserved only for the Dragon Battle Gods, High Priests of the High Command, Battle Kings, the Originals, the Elders, the Vessel and his guards.

Name: Ranguard

Damage Caused: hemorrhage to the head

Wielders: Regular soldier dragons, bipedal soldiers, Dragon kings and leaders

Description: This weapon uses high frequency sound to disrupt your brain in such a way that it will bleed and swell on the inside. This weapon is rarely used unless needed.

Other Dragon Weapons

Rage: Ah, the typical dragon handgun. Devious in it’s usage, and only active in the hands of a dragon (unless reprogrammed). This weapon can be devastating in Undercoat mode.

If a dragon is flying towards you, most of the time it will have this weapon. It’s charged combustion bullets can give a devastating blow and cause splash effect on any given area, but at the cost of part of it’s heating coolant.

Nullifyer: this, as we call it, is the room cleaner. It’s very hard to control, but can be your worse nightmare in the hands of one whom can control it.

Have fun trying to control this baby! The add-on for this weapon makes it even more deadly, and used only for Shrine Guarders. It’s not meant for human hands, likewise. Sitting down might help you control the weapon’s combustion bullets, but again, highly unlikely. But hey, the keychain can be used as a whip 😉

Knight: this dragon rocket launcher is the “fun gun.” It’s secondary function is firing a ball of leeches, and it’s add-on function is a remote controlled grenade that you can drive like an rc car. Of course the dragons get pleasure from this!

Some dragons love seeing their enemies cower, while some take mercy. The Knight is a weapon that can make one beg to live. The RC grenade backs them up to a wall, and they surrender to the winged aliens in fear of being blown to space.

Hol: a weapon that destroys surrounding antimatter and collapses it into a temporary black hole. This weapon is only available in levels “The Shrine,” in which Shrine guards wield it, and in “Attack Vineyard-Vessel,” where the commander wields it. A high ranking dragon can wield this in place of a Rage, or wield both.

(This is available on multiplayer map “The Children’s Guard,” in which you can capture Ashuton’s children or play against players —REDACTED—)

Size Class

God dragons come in DIVINE sizes. They can change their size at will and some can be as big as Italy, while others are larger. The biggest space dragon ever seen was Marktavous, and he was a space dweller. The earth was a pinball compared to his size. A satellite video feed recorded the dragon passing by our planet and turning into firedust. Many tales call Marktavous “The Lonely Space Dweller.” It is possible for The Vessel to reach that size, but none have seen him attempt to.

Personal pet dragons (and there aren’t very many of them) come in various sizes. They, too, can change their size from bigger to smaller.

A War Dragon usually fights in the US Army or NATO. They are mostly horse size or the size of a three-story building. They wield mouth-cannons and spare metal for their fire breaths.

Dragons that follow IN.sanE and use Black Technology to build cities are usually colossal size beings. They cannot change their size like most dragons can, so they dwell in the Infinite. Airships have been known to take down those colossal dragons…but only if you know where to aim and how to kill it.

Wild dragons that live in Italy vary from different sizes. Some are the size of a German Shepard, some are the size of a teddy bear, some are the size of a horse, some are the size of a house, and some are the size of a golden retriever. Because of their origins from the tribe of woe, they are natural masters of the Hynnody language.


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