The Death of Mischevous

The Death of Mischevous

Mischevous Writing (also known as Mischevous Kane) was the leading child of Draconizica. His assassination by dragon warrior Sacrifition James Marder left the dragon colony in disarray and eventually led to war with James’s species of Lindenwoon, also one of the main seven species of the ring of trust. (Note: the dragons of Lindenwoon are ancestors of the inhabitants of Lindenwood.)

James was Mischevous’s caretaker and he grew jealous of the boy’s high status over the Elders and the Council. He led a group from his own kind and planned an assassination to the boy. Mischievous was also humanoid/dragon, which led to prejudice within Draconizica. Many anthro children with dragon ancestry were viewed as the lowest by some higher dragons. The Elders and lower dragon species saw them as high priority to Draconizica. Mischevous was viewed as the most important politician within the world of Draconizica because of his unique powers to “pull the fabric of time and open wormholes into the universe of others,” a power which Ashuton also shares. Hiertom Tom led a group that was made with people that tortured followers whom looked up to the Mischevous. Their purpose is to “make sure you keep your belief in our dragon gods and The Vessel, and why they sacrificed for us.”

James contacted Hiertom Tom from his room using the communication TV and request to Hiertom that they merge their factions but Hiertom said he was wary of “the hatred that guided you” but eventually came to terms on the night of Mischevous’s birthday party (a national holiday in Draconizica). They saw things were being taken too far at the celebration. During the late night (a time of night on the planet), while James was getting the boy ready for bed, the boy spoke of “human-dragon children getting along with normal dragons.” This set off a spark inside James. He went to the dresser and took out the “Excalibur sword,” a weapon given only to the highest dragon warriors and soldiers, that being James.

“Hey, want me to tell you a joke?” asked James.

“Sure.” Mischevous smiled innocently.

“Why was six afraid of seven?” asked James.

Mischevous replied, “I don’t know.”

James kindly smiled and chuckled, “Because Seven ate nine.”

The boy laughed out loud and felt his insides tingle with utter joy. Then it ceased. His eyes opened wide as he felt the wake-up call pierce his chest. This was reality. The sword had broken his heart and caused the fatal deathblow. Mischevous looked up at James wide-eyed and said, “why? Why not do it for peace? Why are you so mean? Why are you so evil? All I want…is p-p-peace for us.” And he fell limp in James’s arms.

James had assassinated the boy, one hit to the chest and shattering the heart. The boy questioned his trust, and gave James a pained and sorrowful look, his last words being “I feel very sorry for you. Hatred will leave you astray with nothing but sins.”

A dragon named Salvatori witnessed his death, and she told the Draconizca Council. There was a riot in the Main Circle City where true colors began to show. The number of prejudice dragons was larger than estimated by the Council. A full-war blossomed between James’s group and human-dragons, but before any major causality, the war was halted by the marriage of a human-dragon and Prince Sclintine. He declared peace be held but a war continued either way. This prejudice carried to Earth.


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