The Dragon, The Gods, The Vessel and You

The Dragons, The Gods, The Vessel and You

Chapter 1: Dragon Propagation Theory

The facet of the Vessel is unknown. Though most believe he was created from stardust, this however, is scientifically incorrect.

The Dragon Empire was formed by the Vessel, as we know. Its expansion is what most find incomprehensible. The Catalyst of Draconizica has listed all planets, stars and species the dragons control and had paired with. The Catalistics would not reveal exactly how many planets the dragons had conquered. That being said, the Empire has chosen not to publish its findings on any alien species they have taken. Three million is an estimate. It could be lower, higher or simply a mystery.

In the schools of Draconizica, children are taught the history of the dragons. But other studies are imperative to them participating in military affairs. One study crucial to the dragon militia and National Dragon Corps of the South is the study of dragon propagation. Inside this propagation study is the believability of the Crozetians. Dragons study and practice the art of the Crozetians (Cro-Zee). The Crozetians was the grandfather race of the Crotonians (Crustesitan) and possibly the dragons. But the propagation theory only studies their practices and reproductive rituals, not their origins. Many dispute the fact that Crozetians are grandfathers of the dragons and Crotonians. But Crozetians have spread amongst the innards of their homeworlds and have spawned different races and species, thus the inside practice of the dragon propagation studies.

But many wonder why the Propagation Course is needed for military. The Government has published small bits of this information. One reason is conquest requires integration and integration requires mating and mating requires one to learn the practices of mass breeding that Crozetians have mastered.

Chapter 2: Know Your Enemy: Mischevous and the Government, and Crotonians

During the Twelfth Crusade of homeworlds, the dragons stumbled upon Crotoniazen. They made landing and tried to negotiate with the Queen in the High Palace (and they had plans to rule the Crotonians). After a few skirmishes, arguments and learning the truth about their relations and the Unity of Three, it became an all-out war. Part of the Government Officials had been corrupted and initiated war when there was no need. Responsibility for that goes to Mistrel Lathian.

Mischevous’s death had led to his birthday being a national event, and of course more protests and riots within the Dragon homeworld. Mischevous indeed played a crucial part in the war. The Elders used him to infiltrate Crotonian mother-ships and learn their plans. After his death the dragon scientists had to intentionally breed humans with dragons. They used the offspring as infiltrators. The average dragon-child could stay in the Infiltration Field until age sixteen. At that age they leave for the Covert Ops and Counter Terrorism field. The dragonchild combat training courses have several grades, a lot of divisions that cannot be named here, and Seven Generations.

GENERATION I: Children after Mischevous’s days in the field. As they were new, the training was not as preparational and prep courses were not enough to aid in the child’s knowledge.

GENERATION II: These children were aided by the Five Elementers: the sea serpents gave them water tanks for water situations. The metal smiths gave them the ability to withstand certain fire degrees with specialized armor.

GENERATION III: The training for water and fire elements was merged into the prep course. The age range of employment is four to thirteen. The requirement for Juice is made available as a temporary adrenaline boost. Higher ranked children are given enhancements: dragon claws and dragon fire, but at the cost of a short lifespan.

GENERATION IV: The average lifespan of the enhanced dragon child is 4-14. The first reported death from the enhancements was the death of Jonby Yellester. The boy’s innards were burned and cooked. The enhancements went under a twenty-year study, and in that time gap the dragons suffered the most of the bold attacks from the enemy, yet the Empire was not crippled.

GENERATION V: The enhancements were changed to reflect intellect in certain children and strength in others. At the advent of Generation V, the enhancements were merged for the new test subject, Rowena. The children began training with Military agents.

GENERATION VI: The children segregated themselves into groups: The Knights, The Tyos, Noidae, Varasquamata, Liquid Faction, The Slayers, Disassemble, and a few others. These groups were led by boys. The group, “Varasquamata” is led by a girl. Progressions in technology include cybernetic enhancements in place of genetic enhancements; however, genetic enhancements are used in some occasions.

GENERATION VII: The groups have begun to maintain outposts on certain stars to spy on enemies and have the ability to operate lower-class battle ships. As infiltrators they work in teams, go solo or use the power of their whole alliance to attack. They are still children, and some groups were forced to share leadership with older commanders from the National Dragon Corps. During retirement from the Infiltration Field, the retiree can pursue further education, work or anything else they prefer.

Chapter 3: Dragon Partitioning and Alma Mater Link

Dragon Partitioning is an occurrence in space when thousands of dragons use the power of Canman to summon light from the stars. This act creates newer galaxies in smaller, unexplored sectors of the universe. They can transport the light via Waving Link, an ancient art used by Alma Maters. Partitioning can also destroy galaxies that the dragons feel are “too dirty.” Partitioning events can only be initiated by a Dragon God or a dragon in good standing with the Elders. When partitioning, your mind must be temporarily emptied (memory dump), and you lose all body function besides breathing. A dragon automatically knows what to do, it’s the innate instinct. A dragon curls around it’s star and, using the pheromone holes hidden under its scales, it absorbs the essence, light, gas and fire of the star. The high buildup of space gas and fire can give tremendous power to a dragon, but it is not for them to keep. They must Traverse into the Heaven Realm (the Sheng Chi dimension) and give their star essence to Canman. He needs it to light up more stars. If his star power is denied, the dragon withholding it is ordered to be imprisoned.

Besides the art of Partitioning, every Dragon is linked by the Alma Mater Link. This link is nothing like The Vessel’s fatherly link to his children, but it gives dragons the memories of Alma Maters if they happen to find any Alma Mater construct. Although Alma Maters are said to come before Dragons, many find it hard to believe because of the Dragon Gods, but scientists and researchers of Dragonology say the Dragon Gods were part Alma Mater, part Crozethian, part Crotonian and mostly Dragon, and that implies that they created the Ancient Races, but that also causes confusion, so there is no actual truth of who came first.

Sometimes an Address Pass (Siphis language) is needed to absorb a star (especially for android dragons).


astreal izy qu ry’ran’ri’ru -2° 10′ 52.9″

Essa gy’ir finn’ 17h42m26.603s


absorbing the heart at declination (star declimation)

at the galactic equator at (galactic plane location)

The star’s declimation from Earth and the Galactic Plane number are needed for the absorption to work. The reason the star declimation from Earth is needed is because Dragons share the power of Earth and use it for this one event.

Chapter 4: The Caverns of Hell

There are good and evil dragons. Did you think the whole Empire was sane? Dragons whom kill and defy Dragons with high political ranks are violently beaten or skinned. The act of skinning requires several large dragons (more or less depending on the Dragons’ size). They forcefully bite down on the perpertraitor and, in a feeding frenzy, they tear away at hide and bone. Some dragons are so badly eaten that they are nothing but bones relying on The Vessel to stay alive. The skinned (or bony) dragon is then forced to flee to the Caverns of Hell. The Caverns are based on the hellish planet Ry’ekmar (was once the dragon city Rihahelm). The land is made up of tall mountains bathed in molten lava, with extremely cold waters taking up half of the planet. A dragon must find a cave to take refuge in before the Nona Hour. On Ry’ekmar, the Nona Hour is when the Shadow Beings are temporarily released from the confines to roam about the land. Any dragon caught outside it’s cave would be eaten alive. The Shadow Beings are known for their vampire-sharp teeth. The only human settlement on Ry’ekmar has protective force fields and plasma auto-turrets with high RoF (rate of fire), denying any dragon or Shadow Being entrance into the settlement.

Chapter 5: Imp Empress Analyzed

Some say the greatest Dragon love story is how Aaron and Seraphina met. They came into first contact during the construction of The Supreme Chalice in Ghana. Seraphina unknowingly had the blood of the Alma Mater coursing through her, which gave her long hair, but she was still an average-looking African girl. The year was sometime after the Dinosaur Impax (Dino Impact), Her family owned the technology company Linguistics, and they raised Brown Dragons and Sea Dragons. They were in good alliances with the empire and Emperor Thalnolis would go there regularly for technology or Dragons. On the day of March 17, he got on a dragon-made ship called The Fighting Oath, bringing seventeen of his sons (out of millions of children) with him. Other people on board (not including the thirty-six crew members) were the French bard Johanness, Reverand Mikas Sherman and the British Prime Minister, Pilley Westing. The seas near Africa were infested with all types of predatory Dragonfish, including Dragon Serpents (Sir’emt).

When the ship reached Sir’ent Pass, they were instantly overcome by sea dragons. Aaron, in his dragon form, kept them at bay, but when the Queen Sir’emt came, he was extremely injured in the battle. He called the nearest dragon to aid him (not the ones in the boat cowering in fear). A little black dragon from Seraphina’s family house came to their aid and used a Hynnody spell to “transport” the boat to the house. We know the story from here, but what wasn’t in full detail was Aaron and Seraphina’s sexual encounter. She saw the mark of the Darkness Dragon God on his back, and he told her, “it’s the only reason why I can’t find love.”

Feeling a bit upset, she said to him, “I thought you were already in love. You’ve been keeping your eyes on me for the longest.”

He chuckled, “I didn’t think you’d notice. I’m not sure if you think of me…”

She gave him a kiss and whispered something to him (which remains unknown today). What she said after the first intercourse (just before the second) is known throughout dragon history as “the sweetest thing anyone ever said to a Dragon.”

She said (rather sternly), “I’m not going to let some mark on your back scare me into not loving you. I don’t care if you’re supposed to be some evil dragon that’s going to kill Me.” she holds his hands in her’s, “in the end, at least we’ll be together. And if I have to die for you, so be it. I don’t care. If we’re…” he lightly puts his finger to her mouth and lightly whispers, “shhhh.” and plants a kiss on her.

Thalnolis closed the door and says, “I’ve never seen him that happy before. They say if a Dragon is extremely happy, it will lay a crystal egg. If he lays an egg, I will forever be in your debt.”

Mwembamba sweetly smiles and nods, “keep your word, dragon.”

We know the proceeding morning, he proposed to her as soon as she woke up. That marked the first political human x dragon marriage.

Their moments were said to be like the song, Etoiles by Ali Project. Sweet, slow, a bit heartwarming and sad, but very happy.

Chapter 6: WishingYouWereHere: A Quick Look into Dragon Technology

Some Dragonshrines have computers for the Valbaara Infrastruture (also called the Valbaara OS). Dragonshrine computers are not monitor + machine like human computers. Shrine computers take many forms like humans, robots, giant robots, confined beings, dragons, animals, angels and such. Dragon computers in Shrines only respond to songs and numbers. They are sentient and have powerful operating systems inside them. There is so much to Dragon technology that other races have copied.

Computers like WishingYouWereHere (see Character Bio section) are only made for companies or militaries and are armed with hidden weapons. Dragon computers can also be in control of a whole facility, company and/or city.

Chapter 7: Transportation

Besides wings, dragons use other means of transportation.

Flightbikes: popular amongst human-dragons, Flightbikes rely on Sugar Cane scrapings for power. Flightbikes are also called Colorbikes because they are easy to paint and come in vibrant colors.

Podships: these are average pod crafts made of steel. Because of their weight, they are used as droppods to deploy Dragonspores or Dragoneggs to a planet. That is called the dragons’ silent attack. Once those Podships come down, your in a deep sewer.

Slipcars: they are the most commonly used means of transportation. They are mini-airships powered by sugar canes and there are various brands of Slipcars. Some Slipcars have three back thrusters or Eco-logic hoverpanels for flight.

Panelwings: for some Dragons to fly in space, they need panelwings. Those are custom made flexible panels that wrap atop the dragon’s wing and covers the wingbone. The panel protects the wings from the ice of space but gives the Dragon enough power to fly. High quality panelwings require a Siphis Code to activate it. Panelwings use a Dragon’s inner essence and apply it to the exterior of the dragon, enabling flight in space. That contributes to the low glow emitting from a dragon. Some panelwings are transparent or grey.

Trezza: the very first dragon-made transportation vehicle is the Trezza. Similar to a train, a Trezza uses Eco-logic hoverpanels to move. The Trezza has improved since it’s creation at the start of the dragon society.

Ship-plane: Ship-planes are larger versions of Shipcars. They can carry up to two hundred medium sized dragons (or humans). They are made for transportation above sealands.

Ship: a standardized dragon ship relies on sails for movement. New brands of ships use Pech-Tech Teil Flusters for movement. The Teil Flusters are like windmills, but sharper.

Chapter 8: Dragonspores and Dragon Re-imagining

A Dragonspore is similar to a Dragonant, but completely different. It is a small microscopic organism that plants itself onto any living thing and pumps the sperm of The Vessel into the recipient’s body (no pun intended with “pump”). This creates newer dragon species in the recipient’s form. The spores also carry memories, and the spore can transfer it’s memories to the recipient. More than one spore is needed for the pumping to initiate. This is a form of Dragon Transfer, and if five hundred spores attach itself to a human, it is filled with memories from every single spore. Spores are also a way to level a rival’s army defenses and are VERY effective. The only thing that could destroy Spores is the Intergrated Plasma Firethrower (IPF). The weapon combines soft, materialized plasma and fire in the form of sticky gel. Plasma shoots out of one barrel and the fire shoots out of the second. This will only defeat the spores, but it will cause damage or death if used to save a person with spores on their body.

Dragonspores can combine themselves (cluster with eachother) to create anything they wish. They can cluster into the form of a snake, elephant or alien. If a Dragonspore is still alive after pumping it’s enemy, it can cluster with remaining spores and take on it’s enemy form (anatomy and all).

Chapter 9: The Ashuton and Narcissus Epoch

Ashuton was completely miserable until he met Narcissus. When they met, sex drive kicked into high gear. Being a Dragon God, his drive is extremely high but became higher when he met and mated Narcissus. When miserable dragons are emotionally re-awakened, this causes them to have high drives. That option wasn’t available to Dragons until Ashuton saw Narcissus. That is called the “Ashuton and Narcissus Epoch.”

Chapter 10: Vessel Reproduction

At the end of every Table, Ashuton’s body creates essence for new Dragon eggs. This process causes pain and aggregation. He is then locked into dragon form until all the eggs are “birthed.” If there is a large amount of eggs, he will transport himself to the home planet and lay the eggs there. He is always guarded by millions of his Dragonchildren in an expansive underground cave. They never leave his side. When all the eggs are laid, they tend to them and watch over the hatchlings. If Royal Eggs (colored red and green) are laid, the Vessel’s trusted guards will take the eggs to the Hall of Cressence, where they will be watched by Elite Dragons.

After the eggs are laid, the Vessel departs back to Earth. He is always accompanied by a Royal Guard, and Advanced Flight Mechanisms (AFM) are used to make space travel very short.

Chapter 11: Dragon Ballads and Songs

As you may know, there are millions of songs made by Dragons. Music is a large part of dragon society and is the core of the Dragon computer network. Ancient songs like CRL Creation (the Creation Song) can grant powers to people, and are normally sung before live events (but a more shortened version is used). Shrine songs are perfect examples of Dragon music because they tell stories in a musical form. Any dragon can sing, but Technology Dragons usually need music chips implanted into their vocal cords for singing.

Chapter 12: The Reaver of Albanny

In the times of old, when the Roman Empire, Greek Empire, the French Tirwells and Chinese Empires were friendlies, there was an event that signaled the death knell for both of the Empires. This event was not mentioned in the Wiki and explains the disappearence of the Chinese Dragons of Life, the Roman Empire, the Tirwells and the Greek Aliens (called Sirrens). A Chinese dragon named Fut-Lung had stolen the jewel of Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos, and that jewel was a gift to the Flier of Greece for continuation of his experimental weapon, the Bio-Mechaner. Fut-Lung framed a French Tirwell and told Chi-Long, his Other, to cover for him as a witness.

When the two were brought before Constantine, Fut-Lung wrongfully accused the Tir’well and Chi-Long unwillingly testified as a witness, supporting Fut-Lung. Constantine’s assistant stated that Fut-Lung has been accused of many thievery crimes (stealing other jewels), so Chi-Long further stated that Flier of Greece stole the jewels for the Crotonian girl Aphrodite and the Dragoness Venus, whom he had been trying to capture. Chi-Long’s lies had started a war between Greece and Rome, and shortly after Chi-Long laid an egg for Fut-Lung, the Romans imprisoned him despite Chi-Long’s words during the trial. Using recordable cicadas, Fut-Lung’s torment was recorded and sent to the Chinese Emperor Gaozu. He was enraged that one of his dragons was being tormented by his allies. The French were also angry that Fut-Lung wrongfully accused one of their own and got the alien mixed up in the Dragon’s mess.

Chinese (angry that their dragon was tortured)——————- tried to reconcile with Romans

Romans—————————say the Chinese should better teach their dragons

French (angry that their own is tortured) ————————– instantly go to war with China

Romans (keeping Fut-Lung imprisoned) ——————————— video recordings go dark

Chinese (upset about what the Romans said)————– killed a visiting Roman as a warning

Romans———————end their alliance with the Greek aliens and go to war with China

Greek————————-decide to get cocky and take Roman technology

Romans—————–tried to take their technology back, but it was used against them

French————————–go to war with Rome because Romans won’t release the Tir’well

Chinese—————————–unwillingly accept Rome’s war invitation

Everyone: goes to war over salt minerals found in a cave in China

Everyone: still at war with eachother, which eventually leads to everyone’s downfall, but the Chinese Empire miraculously recovers and keeps its reigning power until the death of Emperor Piyu

The Antonin Empire had taken almost all countries under it’s wing until Lucerano was formulated on the North America continent when the American economy saw it’s downfall and destruction.

Chapter 13: Timelines

In case you are wondering, the Tribe of Woe were the first Earth Dragons that formed Antonin, but if you are from another realm, Earth’s timeline differs from your planet’s time. One earth year would take six Godyears to complete. A Godyear consists of twelve months, twelve hour day-night periods and a three-hundred-and-sixty-five round whereas Earth has two-thousand-and-one-hundred-and-ninety round (give or take). A Godyear is the time used in the Sheng Chi universe/dimension and is also used in it’s dark countermension, Deethrast. The chaotic antimatter of Deethrast makes it un-inhabitable, so hasn’t been proven if it has the same Round as Sheng Chi, but every countermension (counterverse) is a copy of it’s “higher universe.”


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