Abysmal Image, Abysmal Sunset


01: //A B Y S M A L   S U N S E T//




The world was (renewed)

returned to earlier times

Megan Carin <“Unknown Girl” the poetess> stepped out

into the beyond, leaving the cave with Rinna

leaving the cave with (Rinna) and Freda

Freda Carin

“this world is new to me,” said Freda.

Wrapped in a white cloth, shivering

(leaving the fire realm,) she opens her eyes

Freda Carin            says, “this world is new to me.”

The trio step out into the streets of Draconizica







02: //A B Y S M A L  I M A G E//


the world is restored

on a day when the streets are empty

a great dragon soars overhead, carrying a radio

from the speakers comes a great voice—the voice—of a dragon

laptops, sugar tablets, anything that used electricity and project images

had been hacked, much like the day of the war

Ashuton speaks—that insane dragon—to the crowd

an unknown number of years have gone by

the war, fighting and building have long stopped

the dragon—Ashuton—tells everyone it’s time to wake up

come out from hiding


the people that they captured,

the folks that dragons had captured

were released from the dragon towers

on board hover panels and small dropships,

the billions of stolen people

men, women, children, teenagers and the elderly

were returned back to their homes

their regular homes

but when a person looks up at the sky

they will see the bottom of a tower and the pegs, pylons, stands and steel thingies
that hold it steady and in place


at the center of the tower’s undersides were portals


doorways into the tower


hundreds of these towers were built over Rome

connected through goo that seeped down the sides,

supported by steel and otherworldly material

reaching high into the sky, taller than manmade skyscrapers

Earth did not look the same from aerial view

It mirrored the many worlds they captured

This was the new world

Crafted from war

and incredulous

and a little bit of love thrown in

this is the world to become accustomed with



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